12 Sep 2023 Minecraft mummy in ancient egyptian temple, shambling towards viewer

We have launched a new partnership with Cambridge Mathematics ( to bring you a thrilling new learning experience in mathematics. Welcome to a new immersive Minecraft world M.A.T.H. Mummy Mayhem!

This adventure transports you to Egypt, where a Mummy is said to continue to roam the ancient sites. You’ll put your mathematics skills to the test to unlock the secrets of the past. Geometry concepts including shape, symmetry and spatial reasoning are woven into a wondrous world more tightly than the wrapping of a Mummy's bandages. Be sure to check your answers to the puzzles – you wouldn’t want to make a “grave” mistake!

Screenshot of game: geometry mirror puzzle

M.A.T.H. Mummy Mayhem will be available in 29 languages for both Minecraft Education and Bedrock in the Minecraft Marketplace – a unique opportunity to watch, play, and learn together, taking geometry and problem-solving a world away from the classroom or home. Experience this world through the trailer here.

Minecraft offers an engaging way to teach and learn mathematics, as the game’s fundamental structure requires exploration and a problem-solving approach. Therefore, we decided to assist educators in their quest and offer a mathematics DLC, our most requested one for three years! We are releasing a new world called M.A.T.H. Mummy Mayhem for Minecraft Education, with immersive adventures and puzzles sure to intrigue any student.

In this world, players will visit an ancient pyramid where an explorer has disappeared, and a Mummy roams. Using their mathematics skills to unlock the secrets of the past, players will unravel the mystery while exploring concepts of:

  • Shape
  • Symmetry
  • Spatial Reasoning

Using Minecraft Education’s M.A.T.H. Mummy Mayhem to support classroom activities, teachers can introduce mathematical concepts through hands-on tasks set in a familiar and interactive environment.

M.A.T.H. Mummy Mayhem is accompanied by teacher support materials to inspire learning and help students develop confidence in this crucial subject early in their academic development. Explore these resources here.

This Minecraft Agents in Time and History (M.A.T.H.) world is available now for free in the Minecraft Education in-game library. But here’s some exciting news: if you don’t have Minecraft Education, you can also purchase M.A.T.H. Mummy Mayhem as a Bedrock Edition DLC on Minecraft Marketplace!