15 Sep 2023 Minecraft representations of Gloria Estefan, Dr. Ellen Ochoa, Monica Ramirez, and Antonio Tijerino

This post was written by Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

Minecraft is not only the most popular video game in the world, it’s also one of the only games that I have encourage my own kids to play because they can explore, learn, and collaborate with other friends, skills and confidence they can build on when they go into the real world.

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Minecraft Education developed LatinExplorers last year to inspire, guide, and equip young people to become changemakers in the Minecraft world while creating pathways to advocacy and tech careers and promote our Hispanic culture. We showcased real world Latino heroes to serve as guides in addressing real world issues. The game was played by millions of children in nearly 29 languages across the world accompanied by a parents’ and teachers’ guide.

And now, HHF and Minecraft Education turns to the strength, resilience, and brilliance of our Latina leaders and role models through LatinExplorers 2. This exciting effort highlights three powerful Latina trailblazers as characters in the game and introduces them to our young players and changemakers.

In this year's Hispanic Heritage Journey, players are introduced to:

  • Gloria Estefan, the Cuban-American songwriter, musician, actress and business leader, who, with her powerful lyrics and infectious rhythms, paved the way for Latin artists globally. Journey through key moments in Gloria's life, relive the iconic events, and discover the resilience behind every song.
  • Dr. Ellen Ochoa, a true pioneer as the first Hispanic woman to journey into space. Experiment with her inventions for space exploration, practice zero gravity in an aquatic adventure, witnessing the groundbreaking contributions of Dr. Ochoa.
  • Monica Ramirez, a fierce advocate for farmworkers and immigrant women's rights. Traverse through her hometown and help her neighbors, support her advocacy campaign, and celebrate Hispanic culture at the LatinX House, to learn about her relentless dedication to justice and equality.

LatinExplorers 2 magnifies our commitment to identify, inspire, prepare and connect Latino Leaders in the community, classroom, and workforce. It’s not just about representation; it’s about inspiration. These three remarkable women not only stand tall in their individual fields but also serve as beacons of hope, leadership, and perseverance for everyone, irrespective of their backgrounds.

Players will navigate through these leader's lives, appreciating the challenges they faced, celebrating their victories, and learn the qualities that made them unparalleled leaders.

Minecraft representation of Gloria Estefan on stage

Our world is an ever-evolving tapestry of cultures, stories, and experiences. With LatinExplorers 2, we endeavor to showcase the diversity and richness of the Latina narrative, amplifying their voice and legacy.

Furthermore, to enhance the learning experience, LatinExplorers 2 is complemented by an educator guide. This edition includes activities emphasizing the role of women in various fields, a family toolkit for inclusive participation, and even pathways into tech realms! Explore the offerings here.

Consistent with our tradition, LatinExplorers 2, highlighting the richness of Latina history, is available for FREE to educators, students, and families. Available now in the Minecraft Education lesson library and launching for Bedrock players in the Minecraft Marketplace September 19. Available in 29 languages, it's time to explore and celebrate nuestras leyendas de la herencia hispana like never before.

The game will also share our Hispanic culture with the entire world to create a more understanding, collaborative, and unified global community by embracing diversity, identity, and inclusion.