Discover Minecraft Esports

Capture the energy and passion of esports and build pathways for future ready skills, inspire STEM learning, and support social-emotional development with esports in Minecraft Education. Discover engaging challenges, playbooks and lesson plans, plus educator trainings to bring esports to your learners.  


Watch the video for a preview of Esports in action

Inspire Students with Esports

Unleash students’ creativity in ready-made immersive Minecraft worlds designed to support learning through team build battles and role-based strategy games. Each of these inspiring worlds is designed to encourage team-building skills, such as collaboration, problem-solving, and communication skills, through STEM-based competitions.

Group of Minecraft Education students celebrating winning a throphy.
Make and Model key art

Get Started with Esports

The Minecraft Esports Playbook is a valuable resource for educators and school leaders seeking to introduce or enhance esports programs in their learning environments. From setting up build challenges to running tournaments, the toolkit offers insights and examples to help schools harness the power of esports for creative learning and problem-solving.


Explore standards-aligned lessons and esports arenas designed to help students build future ready skills and have fun in creative challenges.

Getting Started with Esports Clubs 

Setup an esports program in your school with this Esports Educator Toolkit, created in collaboration by Australian educator Bron Stuckey. This step-by-step guide helps educators develop esports competencies and establish Minecraft clubs, providing templates and real-life examples.

Running an Esports Competition
Take the online training course for Educators

Online Training for Educators

The Microsoft Esports Teacher Academy is a free, online introductory training on Microsoft Learn. Earn the Esports Educator badge as you learn how to start and grow a scholastic esports program. Explore ways that esports helps build a school-to-career pipeline and fosters inclusive culture.

Stories from the Classroom

See how schools are using Minecraft Education to transform the learning experience.

NYC Battle of the Boroughs

NYC Battle of the Boroughs

NYC students tackled sustainability in this esports program hosted by NYC Department of Education with Minecraft and Cxmmunity. Winners competed in a live build challenge broadcast on Twitch and ESPN.

Watch Esport in Action

Watch Esports in Action

Watch how-to videos for our STEM esports worlds to inspire your students’ creativity. Then run group esports challenges in your classroom!

Esport Training

Esports Training

Explore professional development options in Minecraft Esports, including a special teacher academy hosted by the Minecraft Education team.