Going Back to School Safely: Building Cyber Skills with New Cyber Fundamentals Collection

22 Aug 2023 In a Minecraft computer lab students look at a computer

As our students prepare to return to school, they don't just carry backpacks – they bring with them a digital footprint, which grows each day. It's imperative we equip them with knowledge and tools to safeguard their future in an increasingly digital world. It's not just about personal online safety; it's about empowering the next generation to lead the digital frontier with confidence and skills.

Why Cyber Literacy Matters

In a digital age where students spend so much time online, cyber literacy is paramount. We need to educate them to navigate digital highways without compromising their privacy and data. Just as we teach children to cross the street safely, cyber education has become a crucial life skill.

Moreover, this education provides significant workforce opportunities. With an anticipated shortfall of 1.8 million cybersecurity professionals by 2022, building awareness and developing skills in our students from an early age not only safeguards them but also prepares them for more prosperous futures.

Additionally, cyber skills are vital within our school community. Strengthening cybersecurity isn't merely about defending our school networks; it's about fostering a communal environment where every member – students, teachers, and staff – understands their role in maintaining digital safety.

Training Opportunities:

Join us for an insightful webinar to discover how Minecraft Education can become a powerful ally Cybersafe Webinar: Teaching Cybersecurity with Minecraft Education and in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness month coming up in October, sign up for our brand NEW Cyber Fundamentals Virtual Classroom Workshops where a virtual guest teacher will lead classes all around the world through this new content. We also offer professional development with Cybersecurity Virtual Training Academy where trainers will dive into the cyber worlds and lesson plans that educators can integrate into their existing curriculum.

Introducing Cyber Fundamentals

With Cyber Fundamentals, we're launching an empowering pathway for cyber skills for students from ages 9 to 13 in a format that’s easy to integrate into your existing curriculum. This content is aligned to Cyber.org, ISTE and CSTA standards.

Discover Three Exciting Worlds

Dive into the realms of Network Heroes, where students take charge of safeguarding school networks against menacing attackers. Navigate through The Interceptors, a thrilling journey of securing a facility from a determined hacker. And brace yourselves for the ultimate challenge with Cloud Champions as grown-up cyber experts ward off large-scale cloud attacks.

  • Cyber Fundamentals 1 - Network Heroes: Become the guardian of your school’s digital realm. As you venture into this world, you’ll use encryption, counteract phishing attempts, and ensure the school's digital assets remain intact.
  • Cyber Fundamentals 2 - The Interceptors: A field trip turns into an intense mission. With your teacher and a security specialist trapped, harness the power of multi-factor authentication and other skills to thwart off another cyber assault.
  • Cyber Fundamentals 3 - Cloud Champions: In this epic showdown, join forces with fellow cybersecurity experts to secure a datacenter and prevent a coordinated cloud attack against the Internet.

Every module is designed to not just educate but inspire. As students journey from "Network Heroes" to "Cloud Champions", they won't merely acquire knowledge; they'll become part of an exciting narrative where they're the protagonists, tackling digital challenges head-on, shaping them into cybersecurity advocates.

In a minecraft room, four computers are connected by cables.

Minecraft Education: Bridging the Cyber Skills Gap

A cyber-educated community is our strongest defense. With Cyber Fundamentals, we add three new learning experiences, with robust lesson plans, assessment tools and all the instructional materials you need to support you in the classroom.

Cyber with Minecraft transforms online safety, builds cyber skills with tangible, interactive, and engaging experiences, and excites and builds passion and curiosity about a critical life skill.

Why Wait? Embark on a Cyber Journey Today!

As we head back to school, let’s head back safer – preparing for the year ahead and for a digital future. ensuring they're equipped, informed, and inspired.  Let’s pave the way for our students to enjoy their interconnected community safely and responsibly.

Explore into the Cyber Fundamentals modules in your classrooms, and let's shape the next generation of cyber-savvy citizens. And for those eager to explore further, don't miss out on our "CyberSafe" games, and stay tuned for the exciting upcoming 

Here's to a cybersafe and cyber-informed academic year ahead!

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