Computer Science 

Minecraft’s Computer Science Progression empowers students to code with purpose in preparation for future jobs and real-world problem solving. Inspire STEM passion in K-12 learners with curriculum supported by professional development.

200 Hours of Coding in Minecraft for K-12

Minecraft has helped millions of students around the world learn the basics of coding. Teach Computer Science with an engaging, progressive K-12 curriculum. Bring code into your classroom this school year!

The Minecraft agent assists Alex and Steve with building a house
Code builder is used to program the Minecraft agent

Start with an online training

Take the free teacher training on the Microsoft Learn platform to learn how to get started with coding in Minecraft. Get ready to teach a coding lesson and be inspired to bring Computer Science to your Minecraft-loving students!

Lesson Collections

Support your learners at every stage of their Computer Science journey with these collections of standards-based lessons.​

Meet Other Educators in a Virtual Cohort

Register to join a free virtual training cohort. Learn together with peer educators, explore new content for your classroom, and have fun discovering how Minecraft brings code to life!

Five students using computers in a classroom
The Minecraft agent is used to plant rows of carrots

Spark Creativity with Coding Challenges

Delight your students and show them how coding is creative as they explore with block-based code, JavaScript, and Python. Browse the Computer Science Subject Kit for a series of starter lessons, tutorials, and build challenges.

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