Our professional learning program equips you to incorporate Minecraft Education into your teaching practice, no matter your level of experience in game-based learning. We offer free, on-demand content via MS Learn, a vibrant online community of educators, and training cohorts where you can learn alongside others. 

Minecraft teacher academy

Our hero learning course, which incorporates Minecraft 101, 201, and 301, focuses on using Minecraft Education as a teaching and learning tool to support strong pedagogical practices in the learning environment.

Minecraft 101 Let's Build Individuality badge

101: Let’s Build Individually (1 hour)

Minecraft 101 is the recommended place to start for any educator wanting to get started with MCEDU. 101 focuses on asynchronous building, or students working in their own worlds. Many educators start with the 101, deliver their first lesson with students, and come back to the other courses when they feel ready.

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Minecraft 201 Let's Build Together badge

201: Let's Build Together (1 hour)

Once teachers feel confident leading a lesson where each of their students builds something related to their curriculum, they may be ready to expand their skill set. Teachers will learn how to assess their students’ work with assessment tools and how to host a multiplayer world for collaborative gameplay.

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Minecraft  301 Let's Modify Together badge

301: Let’s Modify Together (1 Hour)

This is an advanced course that explores how to build or modify your own worlds as an educator. You’ll learn how to use Worldbuilder mode, add Non-Player-Characters to add context and assignments in-world, and explore small group multiplayer instructions.

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Minecraft Block Coding Academy

Block Coding Academy badge

Block Coding Academy (6 hours)

The Block Coding Academy focuses on how educators may use Minecraft Education to teach programming skills and concepts to learners at all levels. The course is broken down into 2 sections: Block Based Coding in MakeCode, and a transition from MakeCode to Python. Most educators will start with the Block Coding course and come back to the Transition to Python course at a later time!

Pre-requisite: Ensure you have completed the Minecraft 101 module in the Minecraft Teacher Academy prior to starting the Block Coding Academy.

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Minecraft Python Coding Academy

Python Coding Academy badge

Python Coding Academy (6 hours)

The Python Coding Academy focuses on supporting students through their coding journey using the text-based programming language, Python. The course is broken up into 2 sections: Python in MakeCode, and a transition to writing Python in Azure Notebooks.

Pre-requisite: Ensure you have completed the Minecraft 101 course or equivalent training prior to starting the Python Coding Academy.

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Minecraft Trainer Academy

Minecraft Trainer Academy badge

Minecraft Trainer Academy (1 hours)

The Minecraft Trainer Academy walks educators through best practices for preparing and facilitating a Minecraft Education training for their organization, provides training materials, and inspires how to create a training environment that empowers all to use Minecraft Education. Great for technology coaches who will be supporting the implementation of Minecraft at their schools.

Pre-requisite: Ensure you have completed the Minecraft Teacher Academy before taking this course.

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Microsoft Esports Teacher Academy (META)

Microsoft Esports Teacher Academy badge

Microsoft Esports Teacher Academy (3 hours)

New to esports? The Microsoft esports Teacher Academy (META) covers the role of esports in education and career pathways, how to integrate esports in educational settings, and how to build a thriving esports program in a school through immersive exploration of Minecraft Education.

Pre-requisite: Ensure you have completed Minecraft 101 and 201 before taking this course.

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Minecraft Student Ambassador Program

Minecraft Student Ambassador Program badge

Minecraft Student Ambassador Program (4 hours)

Do you have students at your school who are Minecraft fanatics, and want to provide them with a leadership opportunity to help other students or even teachers get started? By starting a Minecraft Student Ambassador Program, a school can connect with parents and the wider community by showcasing the positive impact of game-based-learning on student learning and development. At the end of this learning path, you'll become a Certified Minecraft Student Ambassador Sponsor.

Pre-requisite: Ensure you have completed Minecraft 101 and 201 before taking this course.

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How do I get set up and started with Minecraft Education?


First, you will need to have a valid Minecraft Education subscription. You can check if your school is already licensed by asking your IT administrator. If you are not, you can learn more about our free trial and licensing options here: Getting Started with Minecraft Education – Minecraft: Education Edition Support

After you have the product downloaded, we recommend going through Minecraft 101 on MS Learn to learn how to bring this tool into the classroom. If you have any issues or questions, reach out to our support team for help.


A teacher who receives training on Minecraft Education will be able to navigate the platform with ease, understand the features available, and provide students with guidance and support. Training can help teachers understand how to design tasks, set objectives, and assess learning outcomes effectively. A trained teacher can also manage student behavior, set guidelines for appropriate use, and ensure that students stay on task.


If you are just starting out, you’ll want to begin with our Minecraft 101 course and then add on what feels best for your teaching audience. We recommend having a group of teachers go through the Minecraft Teacher Academy together, either asynchronously or through a virtual cohort. This will be a great way to build community and support internally.

If you have more advanced users, you might want to explore our 201 training to add on multiplayer and more advanced methods of assessment, or even explore our esports and coding courses.


Don’t worry – we all have felt this way at some point! Harness that excitement from your students to your advantage – it’s one of the best benefits of teaching with Minecraft!

Know that you do not have to be an expert gamer to teach with Minecraft – you simply have to do what you do best, which is design a learning experience. Minecraft 101 and its associated practice is designed to get you teaching your first lesson right away so you can sit back and reflect and design your next one to build more confidence.

You got this!


You are bound to have a few student experts in your class that can help! When introducing Minecraft for the first time to your class, ask students to raise their hand if they are Minecraft experts. Those students can be your class leaders and help other students if they get stuck or need guidance.

We also have ‘How to Play’ tutorials on Movement, Breaking and Placing Blocks, Assessment Features, and more in our ‘How to Play’ category in the in-game library. Guide students here and they can get confident playing with a keyboard and mouse or a touch-screen device.


Yes! Minecraft 101, 201 and 301 are a spiraling curriculum – they model a real-life classroom lesson that you can directly teach your students, and models a teach – release – reflect method of instruction.

In each course, you will demo how to build something, release students to build it, and then reflect with an assessment.

That assessment can be very simple – take a screenshot of your creation – to more advanced, such as a screen recording walk through of the creation, a method that many students are very familiar with.


Lucky you – the world is your oyster! Now you understand how your students can play and learn alone or with classmates, and that you have a variety of ways to manage lessons and assess. You may be ready to consider esports – designing a lesson where

students compete and build with and against each other for fun – or our entire Coding Progression, or perhaps you want to start a Minecraft Student Ambassador program at your school. You can also check out if there are any upcoming training cohorts on our events page.


We know that integrating a new technology can be daunting, especially when you are busy with just the basics of keeping your classroom running smoothly. Our Support Center has most issues documented so you can try to troubleshoot yourself, or drop a question in our Support Forums. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, submit a ticket at


Your students love Minecraft and are extremely knowledgeable – we know that new teachers using Minecraft can be apprehensive. Taking the excitement of your students and giving them a leadership opportunity with it is a great way to build community and team-building at your school site.

Our Student Ambassador course showcases the success of Atlanta Public Schools and details how you can recruit students, the activities they can do like being lesson helpers or throwing events at your school, and more.

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