12 Apr 2023 The Wild update Banner

In the latest update for Minecraft Education, now available for all users, discover mangrove swamps and enjoy a much smoother first-time player experience. The Wild Update, which came to Bedrock players last summer, offers amazing new worlds to explore like the deep dark, ancient cities, and mangrove swamps, as well as fun mobs like frogs and the adorable allay (not to mention the notorious Warden!). Educators will experience improvements to in-game search, sign-in, and keyboard and mouse controls with hotbar hints. Learn more about the update and download here.

New lesson on mangrove restoration

Try out these new features in a new lesson for Minecraft Education called Rooted Together, created by Everbloom Games. Learn about the importance of mangrove trees in an immersive exploration of these fantastic forests, where players can plant seeds to restore a mangrove forest. As you plant, see carbon dioxide levels lower and wildlife return to the forest. Rooted Together was first launched last June to support mangrove restoration. Watch the video here.

Building Mangroves forest using Minecraft

Overview of new features

  • The Wild Update (Bedrock 1.19) features including new blocks (froglight, mangrove, mud, skulk), items (goat horn, recovery compass, echo shard), mobs (allay, frog, tadpole, warden), and biomes and structures (Deep Dark, Mangrove Swamps, Ancient Cities).
  • Updated Sign-In Experience: More consistent sign-in experience with other Microsoft applications.
  • Library Updates: Improved tag search experience, improved search for non-Latin letters, and new Computer Science content with reorganized categories to make it easier to find.
  • New Networking Libraries: Switched network handling to a newer library, improving proxy support and removing many iOS specific errors.
  • Improved User Experience: Improved keyboard and mouse control hints, with additional settings to configure how and when they display, numerical keyboard hints added to the in-game item hotbar, and an Import button added to the Play screen on iOS.