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07 Mar 2023 Minecraft Artemis Missions Blog Banner

Blast off to the moon with your students in Minecraft Education! The new Artemis Missions worlds, created in partnership with NASA, give learners a chance to design and launch a moon rocket—then use block coding or Python to navigate the Orion space capsule. These NSTA and CSTA aligned lessons are easy to teach and fun to learn for learners of all ages. So, strap on your spacesuit and get ready for the blockiest space adventure yet!

Humanity's interest in exploring the unknown and discovering new worlds has been constant throughout history, from gazing dreamily at distant planets to building powerful telescopes and rovers. Space exploration has pushed the boundaries of science and technology, leading to the creation of new industries and fostering peaceful connections with other nations.

And now, NASA is going back to the moon with the Artemis missions. NASA will land the first woman and first person of color on the Moon, explore the lunar surface, and work to establish the first long-term human-robotic presence on the Moon for our next great leap to send astronauts to Mars. It’s truly never been a more exciting time to bring space into the classroom!

All that we build, all that we study, all that we do, prepares us to go.

Minecraft Education is a game-based learning platform set in the Minecraft universe. Students build life skills like communication, creativity, problem-solving, and systems thinking through engaging, collaborative lessons in blocky worlds. Now teachers, educators, parents, and scientists can bring the NASA Artemis missions to life in Minecraft by exploring rockets, learning about space science, and discovering the challenges of living on the moon.


In the first Minecraft Education mission, Artemis: Rocket Build, players will learn about the key considerations that go into rocket design, propulsion, and the demands of flying into space. This will help them to understand the complex science behind rocketry and to develop a deeper appreciation for the amazing work being done by NASA and other space agencies. By putting their problem-solving skills and creativity to the test, they'll gain a deeper appreciation for the science behind space exploration and develop important skills, like teamwork and communication.

Two Minecraft players adjust the weight, fuel, and thrust for an Artemis rocket test


Artemis: Return to the Moon is a thrilling experience that allows students to embark on a journey to the moon aboard the Orion space capsule. This world builds on the excitement of space exploration by immersing students into the adventure and incorporating computer science and coding into the experience. With coding missions to complete while in orbit around the moon, students will learn the basics of coding in a fun and engaging way. NASA has a long history of utilizing computer technology to carry out their missions, and the Artemis missions are no exception. The use of computer technology has been critical in ensuring the success of missions to the moon and beyond. In this second world, players will have the opportunity to code in either Python or MakeCode, and no prior coding experience is required to participate. In addition, the world features collaborative coding for the first time, allowing students to work together in teams of up to four. This not only helps to develop coding skills, but also teaches teamwork and communication, which are critical skills for success in both computer science and life in general.

The Minecraft Education Artemis Missions will engage students in space science, spark interest in STEM, and help develop a lifelong love of learning. If you know a young person, Minecraft player, or teacher interested in space and rocket science, be sure to encourage them to play!

Two Minecraft players aboard the Orion space capsule approach the Moon


If you already have Minecraft Education installed, find the Artemis Missions content in the lesson library. (Download here for a free trial.)

Interested in learning more about game-based learning with Minecraft? Do this free, one-hour Minecraft 101 training to learn the basics.


Bedrock players can download Artemis: Rocket Build for free in the Marketplace.