Partnering with UNESCO for Greener Schools to advance sustainability learning worldwide

17 Jun 2024 a bee from the game Minecraft

We are excited to share that Minecraft Education is participating in the UNESCO Greening Education Partnership, aligning with the 2030 sustainability commitments made by both Mojang Studios and Microsoft and our commitment to supporting climate and sustainability education for global learners.

The Greening Education Partnership aims to prepare learners for climate challenges through a comprehensive educational approach. This global initiative collaborates with governments, organizations, and communities to integrate climate education into curricula, teacher training, and community learning. The partnership focuses on four pillars: greening schools, greening curricula, enhancing teacher training, and engaging communities. The goal is to empower learners with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for sustainable development and climate resilience.

Minecraft Education is partnering with UNESCO and other leading organizations to create and distribute educational content on sustainability and climate change. This collaborative effort aims to enhance environmental literacy, develop critical thinking, foster global citizenship, and promote interdisciplinary learning among students through interactive and engaging Minecraft modules.

bees and ants from the Minecraft Education world Planet Earth 3

Microsoft's commitment to sustainability is summarized in three main pillars:

  1. Developing a shared understanding of sustainability skills and jobs through better data and collaboration.
  2. Upskilling the current workforce with targeted learning initiatives and partnerships with educational institutions and online platforms.
  3. Preparing the next generation with sustainability education in schools and higher education, including new curricular and training materials.

Through this new initiative, Minecraft Education is supporting the third pillar focused on creating impactful learning opportunities. UNESCO’s Greener Schools Initiative is all about making educational environments more sustainable and environmentally conscious. We integrate sustainability into school curricula, encouraging students to become environmental stewards. We are also making Minecraft Education content available on the Climate Learning Hub.

Minecraft character in the field station from the Minecraft Education world Planet Earth 3

Supporting UNESCO’s Mission

Since 2017, Minecraft Education has partnered with numerous organizations, such as BBC Earth, Arsht-Rock, World Wildlife Federation, and the UK Environment Agency, to enhance their educational programs and outreach on environmental issues, reaching millions of learners around the world. These collaborations have produced some of the most played content on both Minecraft Education and Minecraft consumer platforms.

Our Minecraft sustainability and climate content aligns with UNESCO's sustainability education goals, integrating environmental education into school curricula, promoting active and participatory learning, fostering innovation, and supporting global educational standards. We provide educators with the tools they need to bring climate education to their classrooms in a fun and immersive way, showcasing the potential of gaming as a force for good.

Today, we are honored to present Minecraft Education at UNESCO to world education leaders. This is an incredible opportunity to highlight the strengths of Minecraft Education as a platform and a channel for responsible partners to engage meaningfully with young people.

If you would like to know more about our work in climate and sustainability education, check out our Climate and Sustainability Subject Kit.