Minecraft Education Esports Updates!

20 Jun 2024 Fireworks over an Esports build template created in Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education Esports offers a unique approach to competition by focusing on non-violent, collaborative build challenges, making it accessible and inclusive for a diverse player base, including girls, neurodiverse students, and younger grade levels. Many schools are licensed for Minecraft Education through their organization’s Microsoft 365 licensing, and no special equipment or technology is needed, making it an accessible, inclusive option for those looking to get started with academic esports. Today, Minecraft Education is excited to announce updates to our existing Esports resources and programming.

We are also thrilled to announce that for the first time ever, Minecraft Education Esports will be on the mainstage at ISTE 2024, next week in Denver, Colorado. Four teams from around the United States, all who won their individual school district esports tournaments, will be competing in a final build battle designing and crafting a School of the Future against the clock. Join us to get inspired and learn more about how to bring Minecraft Esports experiences to your organization.

ISTELive 2024 Battle in the Rocks Esports

Minecraft Education Esports Playbook

The Minecraft Esports Playbook is a valuable resource for educators and school leaders seeking to introduce or enhance esports programs in their learning environments. Leveraging the popularity and educational potential of Minecraft Education, the playbook provides a step-by-step guide to creating inclusive and engaging esports experiences that resonate with a wide range of students. From setting up build challenges to running tournaments, the toolkit offers insights and examples to help schools harness the power of esports for creative learning and problem-solving.

Students hoisting a trophy

Training Resources: Getting Started

This Minecraft Teacher Academy cohort is designed to help you master the basics, connect with others, and get you ready to bring Minecraft Education into your classroom, no matter what you teach.

Embark on an educational journey with the Minecraft Teacher Academy, designed to transform your classroom into an interactive learning environment. This series will guide you through the integration of game-based learning, providing strategies for assessment, and equipping you with the skills to prepare students for a future in programming and project-based learning.

In this course you will learn:

  1. How to craft a game-based learning classroom to engage students and enhance learning outcomes.
  2. Effective assessment strategies that align with the immersive world of Minecraft, making learning and evaluation a seamless experience.
  3. Crafting interdisciplinary connections through project-based learning and understanding unique and engaging computer science experiences in Minecraft.

These sessions will be a great way to meet others in the community who are looking to bring similar experiences to their schools – and don’t forget to join the Teacher’s Lounge to continue the conversation!

Overhead view of students working at computers