Remembering the Great War with Minecraft: Education Edition

As the anniversary of the end of the First World War approaches, we’ve partnered with Phygital Labs on a new Minecraft world and a series of lessons designed to help learners understand and experience this massive conflict. The World War I Lesson Pack for Minecraft: Education Edition, available through the History and Culture Subject Kit, is a chance for students to explore elements of the conflict using out-of-game research, reading, writing, reflection, discussion, and art to enrich their learning experience.

This lesson pack will help students build a basic understanding of World War I’s primary elements by approaching them through a memorable and engaging methodology. Topics covered include the causes of war, communication, strategy, and remembrance. This content is broken into five lessons, each covering a different aspect of the conflict. The material is ideally suited for high school students.

Lesson 1: Examine how World War I was different from any wars before it and discover the conflict’s background.

Lesson 2: Find out how Morse code was used as a form of communication during the war and extend the learning by creating an in-game telegraph.

Lesson 3: Explore how flight changed military operations and strategy, and build models of WWI-era planes.

Lesson 4: Learn about the difficulties and dangers of trench warfare, including the horrible conditions suffered by soldiers on both sides of the lines.

Lesson 5: Reflect on the lessons learned from the war, focusing on the importance of remembrance.

This video walkthrough will give you an idea of the look and feel of the lessons and what to expect as you and your students navigate the world.

Click here for video

We hope that this material will help students develop a greater understanding of war and its place in history while providing greater respect for the value of peace on the world stage. You can find all five of the World War I activities in our History and Culture Subject Kit.

If you’d like to use this content for teaching, but you’re new to Minecraft: Education Edition, get started at