Minecraft: Education Edition China Summer Camp Finishes Strong by Showcasing Creative Student Works

A few months ago, students in China started a new learning journey with the Minecraft: Education Edition China Summer Camp. This program was available free to learners in China, offering 11 virtual lessons on topics ranging from chemistry to math, from coding to English as a second language. To help students acclimatize to remote learning, we also hosted three live streaming tutorials and provided campers with more than 70 Minecraft: Education Edition maps they could download for their builds.

The camp consisted of two parts: a five-week lesson pack available through Minecraft: Education Edition China and three live streaming tutorials that guided students through creating works as part of a competitive build challenge. The first phase ran from July 13 to August 16 with lessons on a range of topics including sustainability, coding with MakeCode and Python, chemistry, and English.

Students were encouraged to listen to the recorded lesson while exploring the corresponding Minecraft world to reinforce the knowledge they’d learned in each session. Parent Tianjin Li shared, “My child is still in fifth grade, but he liked the chemistry lesson very much. Minecraft: Education Edition helped stimulate his interest in junior high school in advance.”

The second phase of the camp kicked off on August 17, and thousands of students tuned into the live streams to understand how to apply knowledge of Redstone and other features to their creations. Inspired by the theme “Build your ideal world in Minecraft,” over 100 students submitted their work online. Each submission was accompanied by a student-created TikTok video that showcased their work.

The response was overwhelming, with learners uploading their creations to the internet so friends all over the world could view their builds! They posted fantastic dream worlds like “Future Town,” “My Dream City,” and “My Happy Farm” that demonstrate the ways we can build a better world for everyone.

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The Minecraft: Education Edition China Summer Camp concluded on September 6, and the impact on learners was tangible. We loved hearing the feedback from parents. Ms. Sasa shared her camper’s experience: “My child started learning Python thanks to the summer camp! The lessons and mini-competition inspired him to be creative. He built his own work in Minecraft and shared it during the live stream. Thank you very much to Minecraft: Education Edition for organizing the summer camp, and I hope to see more of these activities in the future!”

We were thrilled to see the impact that this virtual summer camp had for students in China, and we can’t wait for learners to use these resources to explore, create, and dream up exciting ways to build a better world.

Explore hundreds of lessons, build challenges, worlds, and resources for educators at education.minecraft.net. If you’re new to Minecraft: Education Edition, check your eligibility and get started here.