22 Jan 2024 Minecraft character in front of construction site

Embracing the ever-changing world of education calls for innovation and tech-savvy teaching methods. Enter Prompt Lab for Minecraft Educators – a new series of resources that demonstrates how to use Microsoft Copilot with Minecraft Education to design amazing learning experiences. Crafted for educators like you, this game-changing guide is here to revolutionize the way you deliver educational content with Minecraft.

The Minecraft Education team is at the Bett UK expo this week workshopping this new resource with educators to explore how AI and game-based learning work well together. We look forward to hearing from you too!  Read more about how we’re showing up at Bett below.

Prompt Lab will show you how to use Microsoft Copilot to write compelling prompts, develop interactive learning content and assessments, and generate creative ideas for lesson plans will help you unlock the power of game-based learning with Minecraft Education. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest in educational technology while enhancing your teaching methods and letting Prompt Lab be your partner in Minecraft professional development. Show your students what 21st century teaching and learning can look like!

Curious about how to dive in? Download the first module of Prompt Lab in this free playbook to access three simple professional learning guides that explain both Minecraft Education and Microsoft Copilot. Packed with practical labs, detailed lesson plans, and real-world applications, this module will empower you to design Minecraft learning experiences that are not just educational but also loads of fun!

Prompt Lab is a gateway to innovative teaching strategies that support educator empowerment, student-centered learning, and digital skilling with Minecraft. Consider this an invitation to explore AI-powered education! Let the blocky adventure begin!

Meet us at Bett

If you are attending Bett UK in London next week, stop by the Microsoft stand (SH20) to meet inspiring educators who teach with Minecraft Education and get a firsthand look at Prompt Lab. We’ll also be showcasing Hour of Code: Generation AI, standards-aligned Minecraft Cyber and Digital Safety curriculum and Minecraft Computer Science progression.

We are running demos in the stand as well as two hands-on workshops for educators and school leaders in the Microsoft Learn Live Classroom. Here’s where you can find us at Bett below. For more information on Microsoft at Bett, download this guide.

  • See a 20-min demo of Prompt Lab by Minecraft’s Director of Learning Experiences Justin Edwards in the Microsoft stand (SH20) theater daily:

Minecraft + AI: Tools for innovative teaching

13:00-13:25 on Weds 24 Jan at the Microsoft stand (SH20)

15:00-15:25 on Thurs 25 Jan at the Microsoft stand (SH20)

13:00-13:25 on Fri 26 Jan at the Microsoft stand (SH20)

  • Join a 45-min hands-on workshop in the Microsoft Learn Live Classroom (ICC Suite 8) on Wednesday and Friday to explore Prompt Lab and our Cyber Progression for Minecraft Education. No experience required!

Building digital citizens: Minecraft Education and AI (Sign up via Tech User Labs)

15:00-15:45PM on Weds 24 Jan in the Microsoft Learn Live Classroom (ICC Suite 8)

Get cybersafe: Minecraft Education’s cybersecurity curriculum

15:00-15:45PM on Fri 26 Jan in the Microsoft Learn Live Classroom (ICC Suite 8)

Follow along to see more of our adventures at Bett UK at @Playcraftlearn on Facebook, X, and our newest channel: LinkedIn!

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If you’re interested in joining the global professional learning community, check out the Minecraft Teachers’ Lounge on Facebook. We hope to see many of you this week in London!