Welcome to Dexi Ville for Minecraft

30 May 2024 Animals from the Minecraft world Dexi Ville

Today, Minecraft Education and Prince Carl Philip’s and Princess Sofia’s Foundation in Sweden are launching a new wordcraft adventure world inspired by the landscape of Sweden, including forest animals and countryside villages. The new game is called Dexi Ville and aims to inspire and create curiosity about letters, words and reading – all through the power of play.

It is every child’s right to access knowledge through the written word. The journey of learning how to read and write looks different for everyone. The hedgehog Dexi with their forest friends welcomes anyone who needs encouragement on that journey! Build your reading confidence, block by block in Dexi Ville.

In this world created by Minecraft community creators Shapescape, students will meet five animals: the outgoing hedgehog Dexi, the wise owl Barak, the shy wolf Luna, the chill rabbit Hopper and the cuddly bear Björn. They all need help with different kinds of quests and throughout the game the player will unlock the animals’ undiscovered stories and collect pages for The Never-ending Book – if it’s even possible to complete a never-ending book? There is only one way to find out!

The game consists of four mini games:

  1. Ponder The Letter 
  2. Read And Feed
  3. Mind The Mine 
  4. What a day! But what day..? 

Dexi Ville is available in both Swedish and English for all Minecraft Education users and for Bedrock players free in the Minecraft Marketplace – a unique opportunity to watch, play, and learn together, taking letters, words and reading beyond the classroom or living room.

Screenshot of the Dexi Ville Minecraft Education world

Dexi Ville is accompanied by educational resources including tutorial material (only available in Swedish). Explore Dexi Ville learning material for teachers here.

This blog post was guest written by the Prince Couple’s Foundation.