The Human Eye



Instead of creating a paper diagram, have students build a three-dimensional model of the human eye.

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The Human Eye

To cover content standards such as "Explain how the human eye sees objects and colors in terms of wavelengths" educators have students create models of the human eye. Not only can you use this world as inspiration, but think about how groups of students can create the digestive system or other parts or organs of the human body to bring biology to life.

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Posted By Srikanth Katta

July 8, 2017 2:38 AM

A good map

Posted By Emir NUREDINI

September 12, 2017 2:45 AM

Could also be used for the basic plant and animal cell structures

Posted By Attia Chema

November 5, 2017 1:41 AM


Posted By Marina Stanojlovic Mircic

December 17, 2017 1:44 AM


Posted By Mohd Zulhilmi Ahmad

January 14, 2018 2:33 PM


Posted By simonetta anelli

June 5, 2018 11:58 AM

It's amazing, I use it for my Science learning path

Posted By Ricardo Sanchez

September 20, 2018 1:54 PM

Very usefull Minecraft world. Thanks for sharing!

Posted By Mrunal Ganjale

October 30, 2018 5:13 PM


Posted By oofer james

November 1, 2018 9:41 PM

It won’t let us download the world