Roald Dahl’s Imaginormous Challenge took place in Spring, 2017, and the winning story was transformed into this Minecraft world.


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Special thanks to the team at Shapescape for bringing Cole's story to life! See the team's incredible cinematic on YouTube.

Welcome to Roald Dahl’s Imaginormous Challenge – starring Willy Wonka! A 100-word story idea submitted by Cole called Fluffletopolis  has been transformed into a Minecraft world to use for learning and exploring. How will you use Fluffletopolis with your students? Below is Cole's story submission.

Fluffletopolis is where the happy yoobi's live. It's filled with wonder and imagination. Yoobi's are small troll like creatures who love to throw Farfenugenslobbertobby parties all day and all night. Poogy's, the yoobi's pets are small ball like creatures with gigantahugeanormus eyes, they're the most flufflesofties in the whole kingdom of Fluffletopolis. Meet, some yoobi's. King Fluffle is chubby and rainbowtastic colored. Mr. Bigglesworth and Mr. Muggles are clumsy old men with the color of blue and green. Sherbet and Sorbet, two twins change color randomly. Fritz is calm and heroic. And the enemy, the zoobi's Queen Fuchsia and Rosebud.

You can download the overview map as well. For more information on the Imaginormous Challenge, head to the Roald Dahl site. We also have lesson plans available to connect Minecraft with Roald Dahl's books: