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Jyoti Chaba


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Jyoti Chaba, the Co-founder of De Pedagogics, is passionate about education, she loves to find innovative ways to reach out to students and educators both. A teacher first, she is passionate about technology in education and is currently involved in training educators integrating technology and helping them create enriching and innovative classrooms along with designing curriculum. She is Microsoft Innovative Expert Fellow 2017 Microsoft Innovative Expert Master Trainer 2016 ? Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator 2015 ? Microsoft Innovative Expert Trainer 2015 ? A Guest Speaker for Schools (Thru Microsoft Educator Network) I have lived in many cities across the world like Tokyo, Cairo, Dubai and Shanghai. A firm believer in being an agent of change in the field of education; I have always strived to evolve wherever I found myself. I have had varied experiences from working as a graphic designer, being a full time teacher to editing an expat magazine. My main strength lies in progressive work in project based learning programs and fostering 21st century learning skills for both students and educators making their learning adventurous and delightful. A gadget enthusiast and a fitness freak, I firmly believes in giving back to the society I am very excited to be a part of Minecraft community and looking forward to be a part of the mentor program and truly believe that Minecraft can take the student learning to a new level altogether.