Minewhat? | Where do I begin?

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Minewhat? | Where do I begin?

To truly appreciate Minecraft as a game and as a platform for learning, you need to become a player yourself. I am creating this video series because I thought educators might appreciate a video series from an educator on how to use Minecraft Education in the classroom effectively and practically (even if they have never played Minecraft). I began by playing with my own two kids, who love Minecraft. This first video, an intro to Minecraft: Education Edition will be the first in a series along this journey.

Ben Spieldenner teaches English and is an Educational Technologist for Ashland High School (Ashland, OH). His passion is helping students and teachers discover how much fun learning can be. He started playing Minecraft a few years ago with his two children and discovered just how immersive and exciting Minecraft can be. He uses Minecraft Education in his own classroom as a way of highlighting literary themes, creating unique experiences and playing in the digital version of literary texts. Ben is also co-founded Edcamp Ashland and is an active member of the Remind Advisory Board and an Alpha Squirrel.