Learn to Play: Using the Book & Quill

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Learn to Play: Using the Book & Quill

The Book & Quill tool in Minecraft: Education Edition is an excellent way to document stories and creations. The tool allows players to add pictures taken with the Camera into a portfolio book, and edit the book text. You can find the Book & Quill in your Items tab, or use the slash command: /give @s writable_book

When you are finished editing your book, click Sign to personalize the cover and sign to lock your book. Even if you are the author, you cannot change the book text at this point. The book will now appear as a purple book in your inventory. When you click on the book in your inventory, it will open and you can export it. The default name will be (Book Title) (Author Name) and save in your documents folder.

When you export the book, it will save as a ZIP file if you have multiple pages and number them in order. Picture pages will save as JPEG files, text on pages will save as TXT files.

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