First Weeks with Minecraft | Don't be the Expert

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First Weeks with Minecraft | Don't be the Expert


Module 8 of the Minecraft in Your Classroom course encourages you to be open to learning with your students. You don't need to have endless knowledge about Minecraft Education Edition to successfully implement it in your class. In this module, you will learn how to partner with your students to create a learning team, combining your students' Minecraft expertise with your curriculum expertise.



What, if anything, is holding you back from starting to include Minecraft: Education Edition in your classroom? If you can overcome these limitations, what will you do first?

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如果你想了解在中国发行的Minecraft我的世界教育版,请访问我们的中国官方网站. 你也可以留在 education.minecraft.net了解世界其他地方如何使用Minecraft: Education Edition.