Code Builder for Minecraft: Education Edition

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Code Builder for Minecraft: Education Edition

Code Builder for Minecraft: Education Edition allows educators and students to explore, create, and play in a Minecraft world. Partnering with familiar learn-to-code platforms like ScratchX, Tynker,, Microsoft MakeCode, players can not only develop computational thinking but can also apply their creations across the curriculum.

Use the following materials to support your Code Builder experience with Tynker, MakeCode, or ScratchX.

I'm using Minecraft: Education Edition, where do I find Code Builder? The Code Connection app launches the different coding experiences. You can find the Code Connection download on our website, and use this video to help walk you through the process.

Okay, I've got Code Connection, but how do I set this all up so I can learn to code? You'll need to make a connection between the Code Connection application and Minecraft: Education Edition. Watch this video walking through the setup process, and find more information on our Knowledge Base.

I'm all set up, but now what do you recommend I do first? We have a full tutorial world called The Agent Trials that can walk you through learning the Code Builder experience. It's in your templates, you can get to it by selecting "Play" and "Create New". The Agent Trials world has a full set of tutorials produced by Tynker, you can find them by launching the Tynker experience in Code Connection, and on the top right finding the "Agent Trials" category.

Tutorials are great, but I need some lesson plans. You're in luck, we have a full set of Intro to Computer Science materials available for use. You can find a full set of materials here at the Microsoft MakeCode website.

I have followed these materials but I still need help! If you require support with Code Builder or Minecraft: Education Edition, feel free to get in touch anytime.

I want to really dig in with Microsoft MakeCode, where can I find more information? Looking for support with Microsoft MakeCode? Head here for documentation.


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