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Students solving puzzles, which are arranged in 3 parts of increasing difficulty. If they respond correctly, they will get the password for next SWAY.

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June 14, 2018

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  • Critical Thinking

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Learning Objectives

  • Students are to become familiar with the discovery of systems. This game is designed to help students try to infer more complicated constructions on the basis of simpler information.
  • Students will learn the basics of mathematical sequences and how to determine their properties
  • Students should learn to think about systems, their internal rules. They have to learn to discover patterns and use them.

Guiding Ideas

Talk to your pupils about systems, rules, and then switch to numeric systems.

Is it possible from what we know to derive and predict what should be part of a system?

What do you think of as a sequence?

What are the numerical regular sequences?

The game itself is divided into 3 phases:

  • The first deals with simple numerical sequences
  • The second one deals with already created flats
  • The third, heaviest, phase is focused on sums of numerical sequences

I recommend that you go through the map yourself and use it if you wish.

If you want, you can change a game mode to CREATIVE. Students will be able to see puzzles from all sides.

Student Activities

Students solve individual puzzles. Tasks are grouped into 3 parts of increasing difficulty.

If you think fit, create student teams that will work together to solve problems.

Solving the task gets one letter into the password. In each section, they need to get 6 correct letters to identify a password that will allow them to access the SWAY document with a confirmation of their success and another password-protected document.

Performance Expectations

  • Students will get acquainted with sequences like systems
  • Students gain experience with sequences not represented only by numbers but by spatial objects
  • Students will learn basic numerical sequences
  • Students will learn about the principles of summation of numerical sequence elements


  • Critical Thinking

External References

Supporting Files

Map of a game

OneNote with a solution

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