World Biomes

World Biomes

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Climate & Environment


Use biomes from library and let students create nature trails and present life there.

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May 18, 2020

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  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity

Supporting Files

Example of one student work

One example of student work (in Finnish). This is made by three students in 8th grade in Finland.

Learning Objectives

  • -Students learn collaboration and be creative. Students need to communicate and make compromises.
  • -Students learn what kind of flora and fauna are in different biomes.
  • -Students learn human impact in different biomes.
  • -Students learn to find and give solutions to problems in different biomes. Problems that are man made or natural.

Guiding Ideas

1.) Introduce world biomes in general. (From you study book or internet)

a) Divide students in small groups. (max. four students)

b) Let them decide which biome they will study and present.

2. Ask students to study their biome and write notes. Ask them to find out answers to next questions (at least some if not all):

-Where this biome is located in the world?

- What kind of climate there is? (temperature, rain, winter, summer)

-What kind of flora and fauna there is? (Find out animal and plant examples)

-How has flora and fauna adapted in this area?

-How has human adapted to life there?

-What kind of industry there is?

-Are there any kind of dangerous for natural hazards? What? Has it happen?

-Have humans damaged the biome? How? How does it show?

3.) Students need to create a "nature path" in their world. They choose the biome that the best presents/ fits to the environment they present.  They need to plan

-how they build their world (Is the path straight line or go along the landscape, how visitors will follow it or see it etc.)

-how will they present information (use posters or use NPC characters as guides)

4.) Students choose right biome from the library and build the path together.

5.) Students visit and learn other biomes.


6.) In the end the path ends up to "souvenir shop". There are questions about the information what was presented during the trail. Students need to answer to these questions on paper or "souvenir shop" can be like escape room or maze where are questions and few options and opening the right doors will lead eventually out.

Student Activities

1. Student search for information together in small groups.

2. First they plan their "nature path" on paper and plan in general how does the path will look.

3. Students choose an appropriate biome from the Library and build their nature path and information and the optional souvenir shop.

4. Students visit the other biomes, read and learn what is presented about the biome.

Performance Expectations

Students need to study facts about the biome they have chosen.

Students need to plan how they will built their world.

Students need to find right kind of biome for their presentation.


  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity

External References

Supporting Files

Example of one student work

One example of student work (in Finnish). This is made by three students in 8th grade in Finland.