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Reading and Writing

This lesson allows students to imagine the experience of historical figures.

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September 18, 2017


  • Communication
  • Creativity

Learning Objectives

  • Students will identify a historical figure involved with the Oregon Trail and create a summary statement from the perspective of that person.

Guiding Ideas

  • How do we assess and understand the point of trailblazers on the Oregon Trail?
  • What do we know about their experiences and beliefs?
  • How can we learn to see the world through their point-of-view? What might we learn from this work?

Student Activities

Provide students with background information on influential historical figures associated with the Oregon Trail. Guide students in selecting and researching the impact of one historical figure.

Students will: This tweet should reflect a specific moment or geographical location from the trail Compose a 160 character tweet from the point-of-view of this historical figure  Alternatively, students could post their tweet in the classroom or a message board of your choice.

Performance Expectations

Review the actual diaries to assess and inspire your students' work. See a link in reference section of this lesson.


  • Communication
  • Creativity