The Egyptian Civilization

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Children should be able to build The Egyptian Civilization and use Minecraft as a platform on which to build and develop their own characters, setting

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October 2, 2018

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  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking

Supporting Files

The Egyptian Civilization

Learning Objectives

  • Tell the reason why is Egypt called the gift of Nile
  • Explain the sources and origin of this civilization
  • Describe the main features and achievements of this civilization (social classes, life of the people, occupation, religion, trade and commerce)
  • Explain the reason of the decline of The Egyptian Civilization

Guiding Ideas

Minecraft offers a rich and immersive environment in which to create their world of their favourite monuments in Egypt like The Great Pyramid of Giza, Sphinx, The Temple at Abu Simbel, The Hanging Garden Of the Babylon. It is all about their imagination

Student Activities

The goal of this world is to enable students to recommend their observation while they read the chapter The Egyptian Civilization.
Students will explore why this civilization that flourished near river Nile. It was Egyptian Civilization. Why  Egypt is called the Gift of Nile. The keywords will be written by the students in their notebooks.
Students will also explore about the floods in Nile occurred at a time when the land was parched in the month of August. So they built canals and reservoirs along the river. The river also served as a national highway for navigation. Trade relations were established with other countries. Thus it became a land of plenty and that is the reason Egypt is called the Gift of the Nile. The various sources will be discussed that tell us about this civilization.
The teacher will then explain the various sources and the origin and then the features of Egyptian civilization like: social classes, life of the people, occupation, religion, trade and commerce and achievements of this civilization
The students will be shown a video on mummies. The process of mummification will be shown through that video.  They believed in life after death so the things of daily use were kept along with the mummy in the coffin. The bodies were embalmed with spices. The reasons of decline will be told to the students.
Students will brain storm on :-
1.    Name the sources that tell us about the Egyptian Civilization.
2.    What is a Mummy?
3.    Name few buildings built by Egyptians.
4.    Why is Egypt called the Gift of Nile?
5.    Who was pharaoh?
6.    Hieroglyphic script.
7.    Explain about Sphinx.
8.    Describe the condition of : (a) women    (b) poor people
9.    Name the:
(a)    Sources of amusement
(b)    Different gods
10.    Who were Ra and Thoth?
11.    The progress made by Egyptians in the field of medicines.
12.    How this civilization ended?
13.    Who were Horus and Anubis?
14.    Explain the social classes of this civilization.
15.    Condition of poor people.
16.    The achievements of Egyptians in the field of mathematics.
17.    Condition of women

Performance Expectations

  • All students will work in groups in the given world to explain their experience. Students work should
    • Have a clear identifiable character/scene from the chapter
    • Students should support their assertion with at least one example from the text where the character's behavior conveys that lesson.
    • How and why the Mummification was done
    • Why Egypt was called the Gift of the Nile.
  • Students learn to think critically and make value-based decisions about related social issues.
    • Have used telling tools including:
      o    slate
      o    poster
      o    board
      o    sign
      o    Camera
      o    Portfolio
      o    NPCs


  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking

Supporting Files

The Egyptian Civilization

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