Stranger in Crimwell Village

Stranger in Crimwell Village

8-10 yrs old

11-13 yrs old


Reading and Writing

Enter the small town of Crimwell and get a room to stay the night. The Creeper Inn is the only place in town. Discover why this town needs your help!

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  • Character
  • Creativity
  • Project Based Learning

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Learning Objectives

  • How and why decisions are made democratically in communities
  • How and why people make rules
  • Why people participate within communities and how students can actively participate and contribute
  • Present ideas and opinions on civics and citizenship topics and issues using civics and citizenship terms
  • The key values that underpin Australia’s democratic system of government
  • The roles and responsibilities of key personnel in law enforcement and in the legal system (ACHCK026)

Guiding Ideas

  • What are civics and citizenship?
  • What rights do citizens have in this village?
  • What services do thy need?
  • What infrastructure does the village require?
  • What laws will you bring in to bring back control to this town?

Student Activities

Welcome to Crimwell Village.

You have come to a tiny place which does not seem to have much in the way of services or indeed rules and laws. No one trusts anyone, fear is in the air. Can you help these people establish a Democratic stable community as you learn about Civics and Citizenship? Use your building skills to make the town better. Create laws and values for the frightened town and work out a fair Justice System. Report and reflect on the Democratic process. Good luck. The People of Crimwell need you!

The capabilities we will be focussing on:

  • Literacy (LIT)
  • Information and communication technology capability (ICT)
  • Critical and creative thinking (CCT)
  • Personal and social capability (PSC)
  • Ethical understanding (EU)

Getting Started


  1. Each student Opens Minecraft education Edition and import the world.
  2. Students will spawn in and start to follow Sally's instructions to go to old library and meet Gary.
  3. Follow the villager' to determine the problems you must solve. The problems will require you to document your experiences and make builds and services to help the town.
  4. The NPCs will direct you to some websites that will allow you to interact with the NPCs.

The Challenge Overview

Sally Intro to problem -> Go to Billy

Billy In old library -> write definitions for civic and citizenship in a book

Greg In house, then Hill of Laws -> write series of Laws for the town

Gary In old jail -> Write a Book of Consequences and make a Jail house.

Samantha Checks you have finished with Gary ->seek out Natalie

Natalie Near old house -> set up Town Hall and determine roles of leadership in the community

Harry near old house -> write a book of ethics and morals and make a building to store them in.

Jillian-meet the rest of the villages and start making much needed facilities for the town.

NOTE: The NPCs are guides but the research for each section is done outside the game.



  • The signs on the Hill of Laws can be put into the portfolio.
  • The Books and be read out loud by the student, read by the teacher.
  • Teacher can interview the student,
  • Students can interview each other,
  • Students can write a lore about the development of the town and include the laws, consequences, government structure, ethics and facilities.

Performance Expectations

Complete a series of tasks that will allow the student to:

  • define rules, laws and values
  • research values in their local country
  • create 10 values the NPCs should abide by to help make them feel happy safe and secure in their town.
  • Research basic laws for the town
  • Make a Police Station, Court House and a small Jail. Use signs to document the procedures of Justice in the town.
  • Make a series of services the student thinks the town needs - Hospital, Fire station, Electricity, Homeless shelter, School...

Report what they have learned about the importance of Civics and Citizenship via a Multi-modal medium.




  • Character
  • Creativity
  • Project Based Learning

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