Respecting Diversity

Respecting Diversity

6-7 yrs old

8-10 yrs old

11-13 yrs old

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Social and Emotional Health

World Languages

Students learn about various cultures and traditions amongst themselves and in their communities which will help them respect diversity in general

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December 8, 2018


  • Character
  • Citizenship
  • Communication

Learning Objectives

  • To identify various communities students belong to in the classroom.
  • To discover how different cultures, languages and traditions shape your personality.
  • To understand that in spite of varied backgrounds and cultures we should co exist peacefully respecting the differences.

Guiding Ideas

The big idea is for students to understand the diverse cultures in the classrooms and beyond. We might speak different language and celebrate different festivals but we are part of a community.

Students can have an open discussion on languages and traditions and festivals amongst themselves which will help them to understand each other better.

Some thought provoking questions can be-

  1. How does physical location help shape traditions of a community.
  2. Speaking different dialects and languages play an important part in your personality.
  3. Celebrating different festivals and following different rituals makes us different?

The basic human traits like friendship, empathy, sympathy, respect for each other should be the same irrespective of the cultures or languages.

Student Activities

  • Students in groups to create a community with cluster of houses with varied architecture using different characters depicting varied cultures and dressing styles in Minecraft.
  • To create depictions of different festivals being celebrated.
  • Create a common space for everyone to come together to celebrate diversity amongst themselves.

Performance Expectations

Students can differentiate between types of architecture.

Students are able to recognize that there are different cultures and traditions in one community affecting clothing styles and eating habits among others.

Students can identify that physical location affects the architecture of the houses.

Students can talk about various traditions of people belonging to different places.


  • Character
  • Citizenship
  • Communication