Planets Orbiting the Sun

Planets Orbiting the Sun

11-13 yrs old


Students will be required to enter a world and create the planets in the Solar System.

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July 10, 2018


  • Project Based Learning

Learning Objectives

  • Identify planets in the solar system
  • Create the planets according to their proximity to the Sun
  • Document the design process using Minecraft Camera. From early building to finished product

Guiding Ideas

Students will firstly visit the following websiteto learn about the planets. Discovering features such as colour, size, proximity to the sun and what it is made of.



Student Activities

Students will be in groups of 2-4 to complete task.

Students will be required to ensure all features of planets reflect the blocks they will be implementing.

Planets will be modelled according to their proximity to the Sun, in a specific area designated by teacher.

Following completion Planets, groups will design paths, rides, signs and information on each planet.

Student and Teacher will also use Camera and Portfolio to document design process.

Performance Expectations

Students create 8 planets, identifying their order, colour, size and features.

Students will also bring own creativity and imagination to their models.


  • Project Based Learning