Minecraft Measurement

Minecraft Measurement

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Math & Economics


Students will explore how to create to-scale replicas of real-world objects, buildings or locations using unit conversions. Easily differentiated.

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July 10, 2018


  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Project Based Learning

Learning Objectives

  • Use formal and informal units of measurement to calculate the dimensions of objects, structures and buildings
  • Discuss, decide and create a measurement scale to use within Minecraft Education Edition
  • Students produce to-scale replicas of real world objects in Minecraft

Guiding Ideas

  • How can we create an accurate representation of our school/class/learning area in Minecraft?
  • Students will decide an effective scale to use when reproducing items and building. Choose scale according to purpose, efficiency and accuracy.
  • How can we select the most appropriate blocks in Minecraft to represent real world materials?

Student Activities

Engage and Explore: Explain to students they are to choose a building or feature in the school, and recreate using Minecraft: Education Edition. For initial instruction allow students to experiment and explore.

Discuss: What were some challenges of creating real world objects/places using Minecraft. Answers may include size of blocks, limitation of blocks to represent materials (eg, metal bars, rounded items), the need to examine the location further.

Think Pair Share: How can we create a more accurate representation of real world objects?

Discuss the need to accurately measure objects. How large should one Minecraft block be in the physical world? Decide as a class an appropriate size/scale for Minecraft blocks. Suggestions or guiding discussions could include 1 block = 1 metre, 50cm, 10cm. How many Minecraft blocks will I need to make 1m, 10m, 100m?

Recommended for younger students: Use informal units using concrete materials, eg square box, container or base-1000 block (recommended)

Record the agreed scale on white board or poster.

Model: Create a real-world object using correct measurement techniques. Display on Interactive White Board, or screen, as a reference to students.

Jigsaw: Students measure and record the length, height and depth of classroom furniture, buildings and structures using formal and informal units. Report measurements to class.

Collaborate: Students work in collaborative teams using Minecraft Education Edition (Blocks of Grass, Creative) to reproduce their measured items. Students present their creations, explaining size and material choices.

Large scale project/Extension: Recreate entire classroom or school using scale and accurate measurements.

Use Google Maps satellite view with measure tool or school map to measure the perimeter of different areas of the school. Initiate number talk to discuss effective strategies to estimate and calculate Minecraft blocks required to recreate this area.


Performance Expectations

  • Students accurately measure real world objects using formal or informal units.
  • Students present an accurate 3D representation of a real world object using Minecraft.
  • Students successfully engage in mathematical discourse and discussion to identify problems and suggest solutions.


  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Project Based Learning