8-10 yrs old


Media has become one of the most prominent things that surround us today. Students will learn about it, and also about its different types.

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October 19, 2018


  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking

Learning Objectives

  • Students will learn about the three main types of media: print, audio and video.
  • Students will learn how media can influence our choices... Repeated exposure to advertisement on TV and radio, attractive colors, characters on the print media, famous people to advertise them,
  • Students will learn about using media responsibly. Analyse a video or poster advertisement to understand the importance of colors, fonts and famous personalities in influencing our choice to buy a product.
  • Students will design different types of media office in Minecraft using technology.

Guiding Ideas

Provocation of Unit: -
Students will be shown different types of logos by their teacher. This will lead them to the discussion on how an image or a visual is important in decision making. (i.e. Importance of logos and its representation of the company).

Students will listen to the ads with the jingle and music (no visuals).

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After listening to the advertisement, they will come up with the products advertised in the ads. They will be engaged in the discussion on different aspects of the audio ads like tagline, jingles, music. They will learn and discuss about the importance of forms of media like a radio for advertising or a screenshot of a Facebook account with advertisements on the side panel. Students are to reflect and write in their notebook how advertisements are used to communicate about certain products/aspects (both audio and audio-visual). They will also write about advertisements wherever they come across it.

Student Activities

Share several advertisement pamphlets with the class. Split the class in a group of 4 students, and each group members into: a) Presenters b) Time Keepers c) Researchers d) Scribes and allocate one laptop per group.

Students are to brainstorm on an advertisement board that they see on their way. They need to make an advertisement for print media, audio and video media office.

Students are to think of making a world with traffic prominently visible in it. They will build different types of media offices on their way. They can research on internet and plan accordingly. Once their plan is ready then they will scribe and present in a group to the class with their desired poster to finally make it on Minecraft.


Performance Expectations

We aim for the students to be:

Knowledgeable : Students should understand media and it's influence on our choices. Students should be able to use media responsibly. Students should be able to understand different types of media.

Research : Students will enhance their research skills when they will search different types of ads and the purpose of choosing the colors, text and personalities in the advertisement.

Thinking: Students will enhance their thinking skills while designing the advertisement and will learn to collaborate with their peers.

Learning Outcome

Students should be able to understand different types of media. They should be able to create a world (in creative mode) with posters of different types of media offices. They can use attractive colors, font and designs for building.


  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking