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This project supports #SDG4 – Quality Education. It is designed to convey values learnt by reading books using Minecraft.

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November 15, 2018

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  • Citizenship
  • Creativity
  • Project Based Learning

Supporting Files

Magical World Of Books reference file

Learning Objectives

  • Students will create a narrative based on the importance of ‘Reading Books’. • Learning opportunities Minecraft Education Edition offers in all curricular and extracurricular subjects.
  • Students will create an immersive experience based on their reading experience using their creativity.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the narrative tools in Minecraft: Education Edition (slate, poster, board, signs, NPCs)
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the world builder tools including the fill and clone tools
  • Students will publish their completed work to be shared with a global audience
  • Students will collaborate on the creation of their project and share responsibilities among a group
  • Students will utilize redstone and other elements in game to combine coding / engineering skills with storytelling which will enhance their critical thinking skills.
  • Students will create stories and develop language skills (written, digital and verbal) using a variety of medium.
  • Students will not only learn about #SDG Goals but also make their peers aware about the same. By doing this they will empathetic they will learn to value the views or suggestions of others.

Guiding Ideas

Reading books allows you to fully explore a topic and engross yourself in a deeper way than any other media. This project focus on laying stress on inculcating reading habits. In India, there are many schools where we have lavish libraries but reading books is not considered as important. At the same time, there are some schools which cannot afford. Through this project, children have explained the importance of Books as they strongly believe that by sharing education and sharing books, we can change the World. At the same time, they have reflected that one can find magic anywhere; all we need is a book. Children have created an immersive environment where they have made a MAGICAL WORLD OF BOOKS and explained the different genres of books LEADING TO #SDG’S 2030

You will traverse through the minute architects of all the genres in the form of Action, Drama, Mystery by exploring Harry Potter, Autobiographies of Abdul Kalam, Sachin Tendulkar and many more, the Comics, Art, Fantasy through Micky Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Alice in the Wonderland, Avengers, All about Sports and Cars, the Religion, Spirituality, Ramyana, The reference of Egyptian Civilization and States of Matter. The project concludes that Books are the source that make human being capable to do anything.

When we offer lessons of Minecraft, the question arises that How can we use a tool like Minecraft to create an immersive story experience for the reader? I have seen a is resistance in teachers as well as parents This Project was chosen to answer the following questions: -
•    What will kids learn with Minecraft Education Edition?
•    What are the benefits of Minecraft Education compared with other traditional teaching ways?
•    How can coding skills / concepts be combined to create a more immersive interactive experience?
•    How Minecraft Lesson can be used to analyze how Minecraft Education can be used to teach Digital Citizenship, teamwork, problem-solving, creativity and other 21st Century Skills.

Student Activities

It is Project Based Learning, so students will work in groups. Project is divided into stages.

Stage One:

Students will identify the books of different genres.
•    Think carefully about which materials are being used and why
•    Planning the settings to be using non Minecraft language in the form of Mindmaps.
•    As one the objective is keeping in mind the Sustainable Development Goals, Make all features sustainable by replanting any trees cut down and growing sustainable crops for food and giving appropriate message as reminders.

•    Stage Two: Develop the story by exploring the books read by them and their friends. They will use narrative tools: find and place in inventory - slate, poster, board, sign, NPC

•    Stage Three: Students will use makecode for basic big structures to simplify the task and later on improvise it as per the structure required. As an extension activity, students can add elements using redstone and other tools to create a more interactive experience for the reader.

•    Students will Explore! Imagine! Build! and choose their own adventure and make MAGICAL WORLD OF BOOKS – LEADING TO #SDG’S 2030

Performance Expectations

All students will submit a complete story as a mcworld file. Expectations include the following:
• Story is complete and a player can travel through the entire story
• Directions for the player are clear - it should be clear where to go, what to do, etc. so a player doesn't get lost in the world.
• A variety of narrative / story telling tools should be used throughout including:
o slate
o poster
o board
o sign
o NPCs
• Students should use the fill and/or clone tool to make building more efficient
• Students should interactive elements with redstone and MakeCode
• Students will learn without stress but have fun in each step.
• Use the camera and portfolio to document the story as it unfolds
• Use Screencast to capture video evidence of role plays and guided tours of settings
• Create a story board using Sway to tell your story.


  • Citizenship
  • Creativity
  • Project Based Learning

Supporting Files

Magical World Of Books reference file