Lords of Language

11-13 yrs old

Art and Design

Reading and Writing

Deep inside the mind's eye is a kingdom of words. Webster Oxford is the leader of the Lords of Language who commands the different parts of speech.

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January 5, 2017


  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Project Based Learning

Learning Objectives

  • Familiarity with parts of speech
  • Collaboration
  • Visual Communication
  • Creative Problem Solving

Guiding Ideas

How might student conceptualize understanding of the parts of speech into a visual landscape?

How might we make the study of grammar into a project that promotes creativity and design?


The goal is to create a detailed and unique model of the Kingdom of Words. Models must have: The Lords of Language Kingdom with Noun Complex ,Adjectivial ,Article Armory, Verb Compound, Adverbial, Punctuation Pyramid, Preposition Place, Conjunction Connector and The Sentence Court  All buildings and places should be designed to reflect the parts of speech they represent. The size and shape of each part of speech should announce their role in crafting a sentence. For example, which should be bigger, the Noun Complex or the Article Armory? They should be placed in a way that makes sense. For example, should the Noun Complex be closer (or connected) to the Adjectivial or the Adverbial? The interiors of the buildings should be divided into rooms that represent the different kinds of words that live there. Examples of each building’s population should be offered

Also included should be: Webster’s Throne, Webster Oxford, Webster’s Iron Fist, Words as figures, Barbarian Mountains with different village encampments for The Slang, The Curse, and The Frees.

Student Activities

Students design buildings where the the different parts of speech reside.

Students first research different kinds of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc, then incorporate that information into the design of buildings with different rooms/spaces for the different categories. For instance, the noun building would have separate rooms for concrete and abstract nouns , collective nouns, pronouns, etc. (with examples of each type of word living in those spaces).

Sketches of the Kingdom and of EACH building are required before construction can begin

A complete world with all required buildings is created

A story about the battle between the Barbarians of Slang and Webster's words is also required


Performance Expectations


Each building/area should be labeled

Each building/area should look distinct/different.

Each building’s shape should be designed in a way that suggests the part of speech, punctuation mark, or barbarian sect it represents

Models must be carefully done. Neat and precise construction and careful painting are a must

Models must be created with the ability to see inside the buildings

The correct kinds of words should reside in the proper buildings and rooms


  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Project Based Learning

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