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Leisure Lakes Resort

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This cross-curriculum project is intended to be an open-ended activity involving team work in building a holiday resort in a biome of choice.

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July 1, 2019


  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Project Based Learning

Learning Objectives

  • Design and create buildings appropriate to purpose and take aesthetics, cultural aspects and environmental surroundings into account.
  • Choose appropriate building materials for a purpose.
  • Build and code circuits to enable “powered showers”, building lights and other electrical features.
  • Work as part of a team.
  • Document and communicate the project process both online and in class.
  • Use critical and creative thinking when developing ideas through the design process and when developing digital solutions using the code agent.

Guiding Ideas

Before beginning this activity, students should have had opportunities to explore varied environments within Minecraft and know what is available in their inventory within Creative mode. They should understand how to place blocks and create structures and, if they wish to demonstrate an advanced understanding of the features of Minecraft, they should demonstrate any understanding of advanced features such as Redstone circuits and using the Code Agent when developing the structures and systems within the project.

Student Activities

Before using Minecraft Education Edition -

1. Brainstorm the types of buildings and facilities one might expect to find in a holiday resort in any biome of choice.

2. Brainstorm the types of resources one would need in order to build the resort.

3. Document the systems which would need to be brought into play in order to be able to have the resort function as a year round business. (Seasonal activities, seasonal foods, seasonal sporting equipment and other amenities which would be found in a holiday village.)

4. In groups – each student will choose part of the resort which they will design and build, taking everything discussed into account.

5. Groups will research how things work within a particular biome and what will need to be built in order for people to access the location, have comfortable accommodation at any time of year, have enough utilities available for all required activities (ablutions, dining, rubbish removal etc.)

6. Groups discuss how this village can be made more sustainable and use less energy and resources. Add this into the design of the part being built.

7. Extension: Research  building blocks for the structures to be built as well as the price of the different materials. Create a budget spreadsheet showing costings of the materials requested for the construction.

Within Minecraft Education Edition -

5. Agree with an overall colour scheme and materials for the varied areas of the resort as a class and stick to the decision made whilst working in the multiplayer world.

6. Create the resort and take journal snapshots of the building phases worked through, the systems involving energy and circuits and the movement of people and resources through the resort.

7. Complete the documentation in the journal as required.

After completing the Minecraft Education Edition project -

8. Create a presentation about the holiday resort and have each individual present their part of the project to a familiar audience to persuade them to holiday at their resort.


Performance Expectations

Students will demonstrate some of the following curriculum outcomes (Years 2-6 Australian Curriculum and Western Australian Curriculum) when completing their work within this project:

1. Able to create a solution through investigating and defining, designing, producing and implementing and evaluating their product within Minecraft Education Edition. (WATPPS21, WATPPS22, WATPPS23, WATPPS24, WATPPS25)

2. Demonstrate an understanding of how design and function can be developed to meet the needs of community with some consideration of sustainability of the biome in which they are working. (ACSSU094, ACHASSK112, ACHASSK090, ACTDEK019)

3. Demonstrate an understanding that materials have properties which influence their use in particular situations. (ACSSU074, ACSSU031, ACTDEK023)

4. Demonstrate an understanding of how energy is transferred through a variety of systems when developing circuits and when using the coding agent to complete building of structures. (ACSSU097, ACTDIP019, ACTDIP020)

5. Demonstrate an understanding of how to meet the needs of visitors to a region whilst maintaining the natural environment. (ACSSU004, ACSSU211, ACHASSK090, ACHASSK111, ACTDEK019)

5. Plan, rehearse, create (online and in class) and deliver a presentation using content developed throughout the term of the project. (ACELY1690, ACELY1697, )

6. Work both individually and collaboratively throughout the project ensuring that individual goals are met. (WATPPS32)


  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Project Based Learning