Fraction stories

8-10 yrs old

11-13 yrs old

Math & Economics

Have students discover fractions in real life settings and have them communicate their findings through fraction stories.


Submitted By: Katja Borregaard

October 31, 2016


  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Supporting Files

Fraction stories lesson plan

Learning Objectives

  • Students will learn about different aspects of fractions (before making their fraction story)
  • Students will show understanding of how fractions are used in their everyday life and language.
  • Students will demonstrate clear communication of math work.

Guiding Ideas

Create new creative world with an example house and assignment boards for the students.

  • Ex: Build a house where half the walls are red and half the walls are blue. Place a NPC in the house. Write the assignment on a board. Writhe the beginning of your story on another board: “A man lives in a house where ½ of the walls are red and ½ of the walls are blue.


Student Activities

Part 1: Fraction work before story telling:

  • Understanding the concept of fractions by working on the subject:
    • What is a fraction: written and drawn fraction; comparing fractions
      • Outside Minecraft: Using centicubes, graph paper.
      • Inside Minecraft: Building fractions based on instructions.

Part 2: Working on fraction story in pairs or small groups: 

  • Show example house in creative world to class, go through assignments
    • Assignment: Make a fraction story. Build a house and have fractions build into the interior, garden, food etc. You will get ‘world builder’ ability so you can make boards and NPCs.
  • Example house also features the beginning of a fraction story for inspiration. “A man lives in a house where ½ of the walls are red and ½ of the walls are blue.”
  • Have pairs find a building space in the world – remind them not to build too close to each other.
  • Give students ‘world builder’ ability, so they can use NPC’s and boards for their story telling.
  • Students will build and write a story that incorporates fractions.

Part 3: Presentation: 

  • Students and/or the teacher uses the camera and portfolio to document the story.
  • Results can be shared with Power Point, Sway or another presentation media.


Performance Expectations

Evidence of Learning

  • By building a living space the students show understanding of how fractions and math are a part of their everyday life.
  • Screenshots/in game pictures/screencast showing the connection between what is written and what is build
  • Some students will write simple text; others will write more elaborate stories where they use fractions in describing what they build.

Curriculum Extensions

  • Have students plan out their build on paper before they start building in Minecraft.
  • Require that other parts of math are used in the story.
  • Require a specific amount of fractions that need to be in the story.
  • Have students build their story – not write, then have other students visit and find and write the story.
  • Have students write fraction stories then have someone else build it.


  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

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Supporting Files

Fraction stories lesson plan

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