Fraction Brownie

Fraction Brownie

8-10 yrs old

Math & Economics

Introduction to parts of a whole and equivalent fractions

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July 12, 2018

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  • Project Based Learning

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PDF Lesson: Fraction Brownie

Learning Objectives

  • Fractions: Halves, Fourths, Eigths Parts of Whole Equivalent Fractions

Guiding Ideas

Students demonstrate their understanding of fractions.

What makes a whole?

How many different ways can you show a whole?


Student Activities

1. Introduce fractions with hands-on manipulatives in the classroom. Students need to have some understanding of a whole compared to the part of a whole.

2. Give students Mini-Math Minecraft Task: Fraction Brownie

My mom baked an awesome brownie for my sleepover. It was so special because it had 3 flavors baked in all in one- Chocolate, Vanilla, and Caramel.  8/16 was chocolate and the rest of the brownie was vanilla and caramel. However, the rest flavors were not equal amounts. 

What could this brownie look like in Minecraft?

How do you know? Share this on a board next to your creation. 


How many different brownies can you make with the amount above?

3. When students finish, start a class discussion and share what they created. Discuss all of the different possibilities to create a whole brownie.

Performance Expectations

This lesson is to spark discussion and share students understanding of parts of a whole. Take it deeper and discuss equivalent fractions with parts of a whole.


  • Project Based Learning

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Supporting Files

PDF Lesson: Fraction Brownie