Fairy Tale Settings

Fairy Tale Settings

8-10 yrs old

Art and Design

Reading and Writing

This lesson is designed to run over several sessions, incorporating storytelling, scene setting and world building.

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July 13, 2018


  • Project Based Learning

Learning Objectives

  • Students will recreate a setting from a fairy tale
  • Students will collaborate on the creation of their project in a joint world
  • Students will create a portfolio to document the building process to allow for reflection and extend opportunities for learning through writing
  • Links to NSW English Syllabus: EN1-1A, EN1-2A, EN1-3A, EN1-8B, EN1-9B, EN1-10C, EN2-1A, EN2-2A, EN2-3A, EN2-8B, EN2-9B, EN2-10C

Guiding Ideas

In order to develop children’s understanding of the importance of settings within stories, we need to provide them with opportunities to create and explore settings. Minecraft will be used as a platform to allow children to have an immersive, fairy tale experience through which learning opportunites for talking, listening, reading and writing will be created.


Prior to this lesson:

  • children will be exposed to a range of traditional fairy tales
  • discuss settings
  • a joint world will be created with designated areas that have been fenced off (these can be removed at a later date)

Student Activities

Teacher demo: Provide a short demonstration of the use of the camera and portfolio tools in Minecraft: Education Edition. Consolidate inventory skills. Revise rules for collaborative worlds.


Students will form groups of four (based on fairy tale choices) and work collaboratively to recreate the setting of their chosen fairy tale. Children will be required to:

  • label their builds
  • take snapshots of their work and document progress in their portfolio (independently)


Extended Learning Opportunities:

Informative texts:

  • procedure: how did you create your setting?
  • description: use a snapshot of their final setting to write a description

Imaginative texts:

  • story: remove fences and allow children to create/write a fractured fairy tale using a character placed in the ‘wrong’ setting

Persuasive texts:

  • letter: convince the principal that your setting is the best and why
  • advertisement: billboard/poster to sell their ‘property’ (a building from their setting) – this could be extended to creating a Sway

Performance Expectations

  • use the inventory effectively
  • use the camera and portfolio to document the build
  •  work collaboratively and harmoniously
  • use a variety of narrative/story telling tools
  • describe their setting


  • Project Based Learning