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Importance of sports which supports #SDG3,#SDG4 and #SDG16 aiming at improving not only physical ability but also educating the various skills.

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November 26, 2018

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  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Project Based Learning

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Everyday Sports A Precursor to Good Health, Quality Education and Peace

Learning Objectives

  • •Students will explore and collaborate together to create all aspects of their indoor and outdoor sports played in India using Minecraft.
  • •Students will learn about the importance of sports in being physically and mentally fit and will create a narrative based on the importance of everyday sports thus developing language skills.
  • •Students will demonstrate an understanding of building infrastructure of each sport by creating various stadiums using Minecraft.
  • •Students will demonstrate an understanding of the narrative tools in Minecraft: Education Edition (slate, poster, board, signs, NPCs).
  • •Students will demonstrate an understanding of the world builder tools including the fill and clone tools.
  • •Students will utilize redstone and other elements in game to combine coding / engineering skills with sports which will enhance their critical thinking skills
  • •Students will publish their completed work to be shared with a global audience
  • •Students will learn about #SDG Goals.

Guiding Ideas

Physical and mental well-being are the prerequisites of great achievements in a man’s life and sports involve both high degrees of physical activity and focusing on strategy and mental skills. Through this project we aim at educating and spreading awareness (#SDG4) about the usefulness of everyday sports for good health (#SDG3) and fostering peace (#SDG16) through Minecraft. Many schools in India boast of world class sports facilities, but they lack the right spirit of educating sports as a way to good health, empathy, mental strength, decision making, brotherhood, citizenship and a way to create peace.
This project takes you through the immersive Minecraft world of indoor and outdoor sports, spreading awareness about the pros of each sport, its effect on the physical and mental strength. In the indoor sports world, our children would reflect upon the games originating in India (chess, carom, ludo and wrestling) and now being played at the global level. They would also show swimming and billiards. The outdoor sports world will showcase the tenacious sports (cricket, basketball, football, badminton and tennis) that improve the stamina and inculcate values/skills like teamwork, citizenship, decision making, collaboration and communication.

The project concludes that sports if made a part of daily life and if played in the right spirit can change the world and make it a healthy, happy and peaceful place to live.

Why was the project taken?

•    Can everyday sports be related to #SDG’s and the message be spread through a Minecraft world.
•    Creating involvement of students with Minecraft through their favourite subject of sports.
•    Using SEL tool Minecraft to enlighten children about the importance of sports in spreading good health, quality education and peace.

Student Activities

Step One:
•    Students will identify the various indoor and outdoor sports that originated in India or are being played extensively in India.
•    Students would research about the selected sports and prepare their narrative.
•    Planning the settings to be used in Minecraft.
•    Aligning the planned SDG’s with the project.
Step Two:
•    Develop the story by exploring the sports played by them and their friends. They will use narrative tools: find and place in inventory - slate, poster, board, sign, NPC.
•    Students would prepare the basic layout of the indoor and outdoor stadium using Minecraft building blocks.
•    Adding elements like the basic infrastructure of each sport that are specific to that particular sport.

Step Three:

Students will use makecode for basic big structures to simplify the task and later on improvise it as per the structure required. As an extension activity, students can add elements using redstone and other tools to create a more interactive experience for the reader.

Performance Expectations

•    Is the plan for the indoor and outdoor sports, well thought out?
•    Ask other students to visit and review the world, making suggestions for improvement.
•    Students are able to explain their reasoning behind the decisions that were made for their outdoor and indoor stadiums.
•    Were students able to successfully use and complete red stone circuits. You may like to challenge students to create a red stone circuit that can be activated or deactivated by a switch.
•    Additional opportunities into other Key Learning Areas outside of the virtual world are encouraged to help create an immersive and engaging full unit of work.


  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Project Based Learning

Supporting Files

Everyday Sports A Precursor to Good Health, Quality Education and Peace