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Want your students to have their own space to build? This city world map will allow students to work alone or in small groups on any topic you wish.

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November 2, 2016

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  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Project Based Learning

Supporting Files

City World Map

Map of 4x4 City World grid. Expandable if needed.

Learning Objectives

  • City Buildings

Guiding Ideas

Are cities planned? Who decides what a building looks like? Who decides where a building should go?

This lesson will allow you to plan a city.  Will all of the buildings looks alike? Will there by skyscrapers? What role do parks and other public spaces play in a city? What do citizens do when they run out of space to live?

Student Activities

1. Students will conduct short research projects on cities - they will look at skyscrapers, maps, parks, and anything else associated with a typical 'city'.

2. After researching, students will enter the City World map (hosted by the teacher). The teacher will assign a plot for each student (or team of students) to work.

3. Using the styles and ideas they've learned with research, students will build a city.

4. A class may wish to brainstorm ideas as a whole before entering the world - Who will build a park? Who will build skyscrapers?  Will there be an elevated rail system?

5. Students will take pictures as they build, and label each image in their portfolio.

6. When the city has been built, each student will export their pictures and create a Sway or Powerpoint (or another alternative) project to share their efforts with the class.

Performance Expectations

This list should be customized for each teacher/grade/class, but below are some suggested expectations:

1. Students conduct research and keep research notes (notebook, OneNote, etc)

2. Students sketch an image of their planned build.

3. Students take at least 10 pictures (with labels).

4. Students create presentation with at least 5 'slides'. Each slide should have a title, sentences, and an image.

5. Students present their project to the class or online with the world.


  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Project Based Learning

External References

Supporting Files

City World Map

Map of 4x4 City World grid. Expandable if needed.