Breakout EDU | Lost In Time

Breakout EDU | Lost In Time

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You have been sent back in time and must use your knowledge of Native American history to travel back in time, solve the puzzles, and break out.

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December 30, 2016


  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Project Based Learning

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Learning Objectives

  • Solve the puzzles to unlock each of the four Breakout EDU locks.

Guiding Ideas

Download the Minecraft world attached to this lesson. After logging in to the game, do the following

1. Click “Play”

2. Click “Import”

3. Find and click on the world you downloaded in your download folder (or wherever you saved it)

4. The world will show up in your list in Minecraft Education Edition - Click on it to launch the world.

Student Activities

PUZZLE 1 (Directional Lock): As the players enter the cave they will likely notice cave drawings on the walls. The drawings (there are five of them) are all pointing in a direction - entering the correct direction in the order that the paintings are found will help the player open the directional lock.

PUZZLE 2 (3 Digit Lock): As players exit the time travel section, they are presented with a tour guide explaining they need to use language to help them open the 3 digit lock. In the chest in front of them, through the link on the NPC, or in the hut in the back, they find out the words on the signs on the trees represent numbers. Using this as a solution, they can solve each math problem to obtain the solution.

PUZZLE 3 (4 Digit Lock): For this puzzle, players need to figure out using the tour guides that the tools likely available to Native Americans in the 1500s will help them discover the solution. These items are the stone axe, leather pelt, bow, and bone. By using the guidestone, they need to discover that each rotation position of the arrow below each tool corresponds to a number 1-8. When they rotate each arrow to the correct position, the lamp will light and stay lit. Entering these four numbers into the lock will open it.

PUZZLE 4 (Wordlock): Players will find themselves in a neighborhood of five homes. Each home has a check with an item. This item name starts with a letter that is part of the solution. Or, the number of items in the stack corresponds to that letter in the alphabet. The dot sign on top of the door corresponds to the position of each letter. Combining these letters forms the word to open the lock.

Performance Expectations

Puzzle One

Coordinates: 198 65 -188

Lock Type: Directional


Puzzle Two

Coordinates: -72, 63, -119

Lock Type: Three Digit


Puzzle Three

Coordinates: -6, 63, 799

Lock Type: Four Digit


Puzzle Four

Coordinates: -50, 64, 1372

Lock Type: Five Letters


  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Project Based Learning

External References