Basic Computer Lesson/Activity

Basic Computer Lesson/Activity

In this lesson I would have a class of foundation phase students create a home for ‘stickman’ (y blocks high by x blocks wide)

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January 17, 2018


    Learning Objectives

    • -Students work collectively to create a home for "stickman" -Students meet the block measurements for height, width and length of the home for "stickman" -All members of the group contributed to making the home

    Guiding Ideas

    Students think about what resources would be available to make stickman a house (wood/planks/leaves etc.)

    What tools would be needed to collect these resources?

    Think about the natural elements like wind and rain, (would that keep stickman warm/dry?)


    Student Activities

    Students find an ideal location for their home

    Students consider natural elements

    Students build a home for stickman that is no more than 10 blocks long, by 10 blocks wide, by 5 blocks high.


    Performance Expectations

    Students build a shelter that includes walls and a roof

    Students all have a role in making stickman’s house

    Students make a house within the given measurements