Area and Volume

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This project aims to enhance understanding in the concepts of area and volume in Grade 5 students.

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March 2, 2018

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  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking

Supporting Files

Minecraft Project Instructions

Instructions and Guidelines for students.

Learning Objectives

  • To apply knowledge and skills related to rectangular and square arrays
  • To work in a collaborative manner with your team mates
  • To decide the theme/context related to your array world
  • To initially define the area and perimeter of at least 30 locations/landmarks in your world
  • To follow a provided timeline in order to complete each component of your project
  • To discover the volume of the locations you have built by developing your own formula
  • To present your Minecraft World

Guiding Ideas

Guiding Ideas/ Essential Understandings:

  • The number of rows and columns in a rectangular/square array depends on the final product.
  • Numbers can be given different representations.
  • Area is the number of square units needed to cover a surface. Volume is a measure of capacity and is measured in cubic units. (The blocks on Minecraft serve as those square/cubic units)


  • How are rectangular/square arrays are related to area?
  • How can you identify the perimeter and area of your locations?
  • What would be the best way to delegate work in your groups based on your theme?
  • What are some challenges you might face?

Student Activities

During this project students will be divided into groups and are expected to build a world based on a theme they have decided. In their Minecraft world students need to document the area and perimeter of at least 30 locations they have built. The teacher need to allocate sufficient time and a detailed timeline for students to complete their worlds. After finishing their worlds, students are expected to develop a script that will allow them to present their world to the school's community. A teacher may capture the gameplay and create digital presentations.

At a later stage during the year, the teacher will come back to this project and use it to allow students to discover the concept of volume and explore possible ways to calculate it. Please use the attached documents to provide guidelines to your students.

Performance Expectations

For this Minecraft Project students are expected to:

  • Decide on a theme for their world
  • Work in groups in order to build their world according to the theme they have decided
  • Use wooden signs to provide the number model of at least 30 locations/ landmarks in your world. This will assist in identifying the area of those locations.
  • Use wooden signs to provide the perimeter of those 30 locations/ landmarks as well.
  • To prepare a script that will allow them to present your world
  • To present their array world to the school community
  • To use their Minecraft World to identify volume of the spaces they have already created


  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking

External References

Supporting Files

Minecraft Project Instructions

Instructions and Guidelines for students.