Minecraft Education Starter Kit

If you’re new to Minecraft, we’ve compiled some key resources – including training videos, sample lessons, starter worlds, and connections to other Minecraft educators, to make your on-ramp as smooth as possible. If you have suggestions for other materials to help you get started, please let us know.

Training Videos

Browse through this library of quick start videos to get up and running quickly, or go through our Tutorial Experience.

Starter Worlds

Working within pre-existing worlds is an effective way to get inspired, build lesson plans, and give students a robust and interactive space to explore. From desert biomes, to geometry worlds, to a hundreds chart, you can find one that’s just right for you.

Sample Lessons

There’s no such thing as a “Minecraft Lesson,” but Minecraft can be used as an immersive learning platform to extend and enrich your existing curriculum. Take a look at these examples to see how other educators are creating deep-learning activities with Minecraft.

Begin a free trial

Did you know all Office 365 Education users get a free trial of Minecraft Education? Download now and begin your journey.