Teach Biodiversity with Minecraft

3 lessons - 1 challenge - 2 worlds

We partnered with World Wildlife Fund on a new content pack, which includes an immersive Minecraft world and standards-based lessons. Explore these resources for hands-on learning about ecosystems, conservation and biodiversity.

Travel through time to explore past and present threats to biodiversity

In partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), we are excited to launch a new biodiversity lesson pack featuring a purpose-built Minecraft world from the creative minds at naturebytes. Travel through time to meet extinct species, learn from scientists and build creative solutions to tackle threats to biodiversity.

Science biodiversity mammoth screenshot
Science biodiversity species screenshot

Immerse your students in this custom minecraft world

Download and launch this free Minecraft world designed for Minecraft Education. Take your class on a journey through time to learn about species past and present, and how biodiversity impacts our world. Available for all licensed users. 

Lesson Plans

Explore standards-aligned lessons designed to help students understand biodiversity and its importance to our planet's past and future.

Biodiversity Build challenge

Explore the delicate balance of ecosystems with this Student Build Challenge. Build an aquatic or terrestrial ecosystem, then remove one type of plant or animal. Rebuild the area to illustrate how the ecosystem would be affected by the extinction of one critical species. Share with the community using #MinecraftEdu!

Science biodiversity challenge screenshot
Science biodiversity tynker screenshot

Wild Minecraft Code-A-Thon

We teamed up with Tynker for a fun coding challenge. Students are invited to apply their coding skills to create new Minecraft mobs and habitats. Learn about conservation as you code!


If you are looking for more resources to accompany your Minecraft biodiversity curriculum, check out WWF's Wild Classroom and the new Biodiversity Toolkit.