Minecraft meets Oregon Trail

You're about to begin a great adventure, traveling the Oregon Trail across the rugged landscape of North America. In partnership with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Minecraft Education brings you The Oregon Trail Experience. Begin your journey and engage with learning activities along the way by downloading the world below.

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Learning Across the Curriculum

Throughout the journey along The Oregon Trail, students will need to solve activities across STEM, Humanities, and even Fine Arts. Think through the ratios of supplies needed, strategize on crossing rivers, and learn how the postal service relied on military outposts before the days of email. See more of the 500+ lessons Minecraft Education has to offer.

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Learn to Play Minecraft

Numerous training materials are available for you to enter the world of Minecraft as a player and educator. Learn about integrating Minecraft across STEM curriculum, experience redstone circuitry within the game, or learn about using Code Builder to connect Minecraft to learn-to-code experiences like Scratch and Tynker. Start with our Tutorial World and start crafting and learning today.

Oregon Trail Activities

Use these Oregon Trail learning activities across your curriculum, and your students can launch them while immersed in the Minecraft world.

Join the Community

By joining the Minecraft community, you can connect with other educators passionate about student engagement, collaboration, and bringing game-based learning to life with Minecraft. Bring your voice and contribute your thoughts to the Minecraft Professional Learning Community.

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