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Minecraft Education is now available for iPhones and Android phones and tablets! In this new update, try improved multiplayer and in-game coding, and explore the amazing biomes of Caves and Cliffs: Part II.

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Minecraft Education on mobile allows millions more educators and learners around the world to take learning outside the classroom.

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Explore the features we’ve added, what’s been improved, and why we are so excited about mountains, caves, and candles!

Start with Minecraft 101 Training

If you’re new to teaching with Minecraft, we recommend this one-hour online course. Learn the basics to bring Minecraft into your classroom.

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How to Install

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Multiplayer How-To

Multiplayer allows learners and educators to play in the same Minecraft world. This means collaborative projects, group lessons, and endless fun. Learn how multiplayer join codes work!

Explore Lessons & Features

Minecraft Education is used by educators around the world to immerse students in game-based learning. See examples of how Minecraft is used to teach science, history, language, coding, and more.

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If you have questions about this update or need technical advice, please check out the Community Hub for resources and support.

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