Teach Equity and Inclusion

Bring important concepts of diversity, social justice into your classroom with our new Equity & Inclusion curriculum, designed to help your learners join the conversation.

Lessons in good trouble

Civil Rights leader and US congressman John Lewis guides learners through historic and present-day social movements, showing how ‘good trouble’ can be a powerful way to build a better world for all.

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In this lesson, students reflect on who they are, what shapes them, and how they might appear to others. Learners build and curate a museum collection to represent aspects of their identities and share them with their peers. They'll also come to understand the visible and non-visible elements of identity.

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Canada Indigenous Lesson

Travel back in time to a place known as Manito Ahbee. Live amongst the Anishinaabe Nation to learn and understand how the people thrived on this land in harmony with Mother Earth. Hunt bison, learn from Knowledge Keepers, visit the sacred Petro forms, and more!

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Find lessons on social justice, inclusion, identity, civil rights, and indigenous culture. Introduce students to historical leaders from social movements around the world and encourage critical values of equity and empathy.

Learning for Justice

Many of our Equity & Inclusion lessons were authored by educators with support from Learning for Justice. A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Learning for Justice provides free resources to support social justice and anti-bias education in K-12 schools.


Distance Learning

Looking for more activities for your virtual classroom? Download the remote learning toolkit and run a sustainability-themed build challenge.

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