explore Sustainability with Minecraft

Discover lessons and build challenges that teach sustainability and climate change across the curriculum. Spark your learners’ passion for the planet and celebrate Earth Day with these fun activities.

Bring climate & sustainability to life with incredible animals

Engage students with a free curriculum that includes lesson plans and discussion guides. Explore the way these animals’ lives are intertwined by playing as both predator and prey, parent and offspring, friend and ally, and discover the precarious balance of survival.

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A leopard prowling in the cubic landscapes of the Minecraft world.

Research climate change while learning the principles of AI

Learn the principles of AI and help students take their first steps into this exciting realm of computer science. Learners will use the power of AI in a range of exciting real-world scenarios, including preservation of wildlife and ecosystems, helping people in remote areas, and research on climate change.

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A researcher stands next to a helicopter in Minecraft Education


Dive into Rivercraft, a new world inspired by a real-world flood mitigation program in England created by the UK’s Environment Agency to explore the implications of flooding and what we can do.

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Animals ride rowboats through a flooded city

Save the Oceans

Save the Oceans in a new Minecraft build challenge. Download this immersive arena-style world to inspire students to build creative solutions to removing plastics from the world’s oceans.

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A smiling Minecraft character rides a sailboat in front of a dock.

Build A Better World with Minecraft

Explore more climate and sustainability lessons in our subject kit.