Step into a wondrous world inspired by the new landmark series from BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit, Planet Earth III. Play as a series of animals like the Cape fur seal and great white shark, the musk ox and Arctic wolf, and many more. Explore locations from the Arctic tundra to the Okavango Delta. Unlock cool rewards as you learn about each animal and gain their perspective on survival!


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Explore the Wondrous Realms of the Natural World

Discover our planet with this immersive new content based on the landmark series from BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit. Available for Minecraft Education and Bedrock in the Minecraft Marketplace.

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A pack of white wolves stands on rocky terrain

Bring Science to life with incredible animals

Engage students with a free curriculum that includes lesson plans and discussion guides. Explore the way these animals’ lives are intertwined by playing as both predator and prey, parent and offspring, friend and ally, and discover the precarious balance of survival.

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Waterfowl are being hunted by eagles and crocodiles in a swamp

Get Minecraft Education & Download Classroom Poster

Millions of students and educators use Minecraft Education around the world. The Planet Earth III DLC is available for all Minecraft Education users in 29 languages. Get the printable poster for your classroom 24x36, 11x17, International.

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A shark swims after schools of fish in the deep blue sea

Download For Bedrock

Inspired by the new landmark series from BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit, Planet Earth III is available for Bedrock in the Minecraft Marketplace. Download the DLC for free and play at home to learn about these wondrous realms alongside friends and family.

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A teacher walks in front of diagrams of a Cheetah and other wild animals

Game-Based Learning in Frozen Habitats

Explore five more Minecraft worlds created with BBC Earth. The Frozen Planet II worlds are also available in Education and Bedrock.

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A penguin chick sits in a nest surrounded by other penguins

Learn More about Teaching With Minecraft

If you're new to Minecraft and excited to explore game-based learning, check out free online training for educators to learn the basics, starting with one hour of Minecraft 101. Then get ready to explore the Planet Earth III Minecraft experience!

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