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Explore five Minecraft worlds with supporting educational materials and experience life through the eyes of the astounding animals who live there.

Game-Based Learning in Frozen Habitats

Discover our frozen worlds with this engaging new content based on the new series Frozen Planet II. Available for Minecraft Education and Bedrock in the Minecraft Marketplace.

A walrus in Minecraft Frozen Planet II
Minecraft Education Killer Whale swimming in the Ocean Gameplay

Thrilling Gameplay & Amazing Animals

Protect your polar bear cubs, hunt as a killer whale, and gather nectar as a bumblebee. Play as eight different animals and learn what it takes to survive and thrive in the harsh conditions of the global cryosphere.

Spark Learning in Science & Beyond

Engage students with a free curriculum that includes lesson plans and discussion guides. Learn about the remarkable animals of our frozen planet and the impacts of climate change on their habitats.

A baby penguin in its nest surrounded by adult penguins

Five Immersive Worlds

Explore the world’s coldest habitats with Minecraft maps and accompanying lesson plans.

Get Minecraft Education

Millions of students and educators use Minecraft Education around the world. The Frozen Planet II worlds are available for all Minecraft Education users in 29 languages.

Polar bears floating on ice blocks
Arctic landscape seen from above in Frozen Planet II

Download for Bedrock

Inspired by the Frozen Planet II series, these frozen worlds are available for Bedrock in the Minecraft Marketplace. Download the DLC for free and play at home to learn about these wild worlds alongside friends and family.

Learn more about Teaching with Minecraft

If you’re new to Minecraft and excited to explore game-based learning, check out free online training for educators to learn the basics, starting with one hour of Minecraft 101. Then get ready to explore the Frozen Planet II Minecraft experience!