We teamed up with World Wildlife Fund for an interactive science curriculum on biodiversity

We share our planet with millions of different species. This huge variety of animals and plants, and the places they live, is called biodiversity. The connections between these species form an intricate network that helps to protect us all. Unfortunately, in large part because of human impact, many of these species are at risk of extinction.

In partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), we bring you a new interactive curriculum now available for all Minecraft: Education Edition users, called Extinction! A Biodiversity Crisis. This content pack includes three standards-aligned lesson plans and a purpose-built Minecraft world from the creative minds of Naturebytes, a UK-based collective of technologists and conservation scientists.

Ride a rollercoaster through different eras, meet scientists and conservationists, conduct research about climate change and ecosystems using WWF educational resources, and work collaboratively to build creative solutions to counteract threats to biodiversity.


Tour through time from the Ice Age to present day

The immersive world presented as part of Extinction! A Biodiversity Crisis is designed so that even teachers new to using Minecraft: Education Edition can get started quickly and easily. Take a rollercoaster journey through time to visit charismatic extinct species, investigate the causes of their extinction, learn about the importance of biodiversity and how it has shaped the world in which we live.

Learn about extinction, climate change, and ecosystems

Explore core concepts related to biodiversity, then apply knowledge to five threatened species biomes from around the world including the Philippine Eagle, Bison, Hawksbill Turtle, Snow Leopard, and Orangutan.

Teach students the importance of biodiversity and build towards a better future

Learn about the value, threats, and sustainable species management before building an Orangutan reserve to benefit the people, profit and planet. Players will also learn about the threats to biodiversity currently contributing to its global decline and experience how their decisions today can have an important impact on the world.

This Biodiversity content pack is available for all Minecraft: Education Edition supported platforms (Windows, macOS, and iPad). Learn how to get started with Minecraft: Education Edition with our free trial, and stay tuned for updates by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and signing up for our monthly newsletter.

For more information on teaching biodiversity, explore WWF’s Biodiversity Toolkit: https://www.worldwildlife.org/teaching-resources/toolkits/biodiversity-toolkit